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Specs Comparison: MyPhone Rio 2 vs. Kata T Mini 2

It’s the battle of the Php 5,499-ers! In this comparison, we’ll pit MyPhone’s new Rio 2 against Kata’s upcoming ‘mini’ seven-inch phablet, the T mini 2. Both are priced at the exact same amount, which makes them eligible for comparison. Which device takes the cake for being a better device?



There’s a lot of things to be said about these two devices, so let’s start with the newer device first. The Kata T Mini 2 is a seven-inch device that qualifies to become a phablet. The screen resolution is something that should be considered. At 167ppi, the device falls short of a 720p resolution, and users may find the screen not to contain that certain crisp they can usually find in other devices. Despite that, the Kata T Mini 2 triumphs on making a seven-inch device with a 4000mAh battery more affordable.

On the other hand, the MyPhone Rio 2 is a contender in this price range not to be taken for granted. It has Android Lollipop out of the box, something amiss from budget devices (with the exception of Android One devices). It also presents itself with a better camera built by Sony, and screen protection with a Gorilla Glass 3.

Will you choose the five-inch smartphone, or put the stakes on the seven-inch newcomer? Take your pick by leaving a comment below.

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