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Spruce up your party with the Pinoy Henyo Android app

I’m sure you would agree with me that in most small Christmas party you’ve attended, or even teambuilding sessions, there’s always a Pinoy Henyo activity. Why not? It’s fun, every Pinoy knows it and it’s easy to set up.


Well Pinoy Henyo which is brought to us by kaizenbrew arrived in the Android Market so you don’t have to prepare your cardboard/paper answers. The app is quite simple in nature programming-wise but it would be a lot of help in organizing your next Pinoy Henyo party.


Pinoy Henyo can be played in 4 modes. First is guess the word in under 2 minutes. Or guess as many as you can in 2 minutes or 3 minutes. Finally, the app allows you to enter your own words to create your dictionary if you’re working on a theme or just want to add specific words. If you leave it to the app, some words are quite challenging (larynx anyone?) and is a mixture of Filipino and English terms. What’s missing is you can’t use your dictionary and randomize the order or play as much as you can in a given time.


The word and timer will appear in big bold letters and will scroll sideways so you can view long words. I guess you need a phone with a big screen so that the audience won’t have to squint to see the word. It would also be nice if the scrolling is smooth or if you can set how fast or slow the text would scroll. It’s a bit annoying as it is if viewed for a long time.

Pinoy Henyo is a free app and runs on mobile advertisements that appear at the bottom of the screen when playing. You can always turn data or WiFi off so that these ads won’t show. Go and visit the Market on your Android phone to download Pinoy Henyo.

So what are you waiting for? Download it now and use it on your next party.

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  • I downloaded this app last week and it is awesome! We play it here at the office on my Galaxy Note when we have free time 🙂

    • ok rin itong pang practice ng pinoy henyo. mahahasa ka talaga. my wife and i play this pag walang magawa.

  • TJ

    kaizenbrew is my boss! Go boss!! GO GO GO! We always play it in our office every lunch time 🙂

  • vince

    my friend downloaded this app and we played it while eating at Shakey’s and its really fun. I know it will be a habit every after shift breakfast.

  • thejorlanb

    I downloaded this last week. Nice app…
    Pinoy henyo!!

  • OP

    it doesn’t work in my sony ericsson xperia 10i:-( can anybody help me? tnx

  • andrewjamesrpadilla

    is this application available for iphone 3g? how can i download it for free? its not available in itunes apps store. thanks.

    • nope… android only right now

      • unfortunately this is available for Android devices – for now… i’ve been in talk to my apple dev colleagues if they have time to create for Apple devices as well. No feedback yet since they’re all busy with work. 🙁

      • Wanda

        Here is Pinoy Henyo for iPad/iPhone, its called Party Flippo – free yung Christmas category ngayon

    • Nix

      Yup, this is for android only.
      There are already a couple of versions for ipad, just search for “henyo”.

      Although parang wala pa for iphone.

  • bat po wala na sa android? galaxy y po yung gamit ko.. thanks 🙂

  • john lee

    Guys, ibang version naman na download ko tru android market. Pano ba mka download ng same nito?

    • There are other sites there offering the Pinoy Henyo APK. But be careful before you download it.