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Square-Enix Releases Final Fantasy VII on Android

Three years ago, the iOS received the first mobile port of the classic Playstation 1 game, Final Fantasy VII.  Today, it comes out officially on the Google Play Store, boasting mobile touch controls, the ability to turn off enemy encounters, and even max our character stats in the options, for players who want to simply experience the story, and not so much the gameplay.  The game itself takes 2GB of memory, but Square-Enix recommends 4GB for all the assets and files needed to run the game at its best.


Square-Enix also warns potential customers that not all Android devices are automatically supported by Final Fantasy VII, and unsupported models may experience bugs such as slow framerates, movement suddenly being disabled, or the auto-save function not working. The official list of supported devices as of now can be found in this link.  Final Fantasy VII can be purchased on the Google Play Store for Php 830.


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