Stamp your way to a Globe Tattoo Prepaid Stick at Figaro

Figaro fans, here’s your chance to get your own Globe Tattoo Explorer Prepaid Kit for free, well sorta. Local coffee company Figaro teamed up with Globe Telecoms, Asianic and Complink, to give coffee lovers get their own Globe Tattoo stick.


For every P300 purchase at Figaro, you get one point via stamp card that the coffee shop will provide. You have to accumulate 10 stamps to get your own Globe Tattoo Explorer Prepaid Kit for free. You can also spend P3,000 in one go to get that free Globe Tattoo Stick. Hehehe.

Or you can have it the other way around. Buy the Globe Tattoo stick from any Asianic or Complink store for Php1,295.00 and you’ll get a limited Figaro Coffee Club Card. This card will entitle you to a 10% discount to any 70 branches of Figaro nationwide; a mini birthday cake plus a limited edition foldable Figaro fan.

The Tattoo Prepaid Explorer Stick runs at the speed of up to 7.2Mbps on Globe’s 4G network, and up to 3.6Mbs on its 3G network. It comes with lots of freebie too like a 50% discount at selected Red Box karaoke branches. And it also comes with a buy one take one ticket on Airphil Express with a limited time-offer.

The promo will start on Sunday, May 20 until August 20 of this year.

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  • Is it the same Globe Tattoo that runs ads in every single page you visit? Crap!

    • cole

      I own a globe tattoo lifestyle explorer stick and used it for almost a month now. And i am disappointed with the results. It says download max at 7.2mbps but the average i get is just 100kbps and below. That is at signal strength of full bars. No offense to globe, seriously it need a lot of work to make 7.2mbps broadband achieved its full potential.