Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Starmobile

Mothers day is right around the corner. Some people will take their mom to a fancy dinner. Some will get their mom flowers, or even chocolates.However, why not try gifting your modern mom with a one of these cool gadgets from Starmobile. here are some ideas for Mothers day gifts with Starmobile.

Mothers Day Gifts with Starmobile – Endless Entertainment

At Php 1,290 your mom can enjoy her favorite local programs in crystal clear quality. The Starcube Digital TV box has DTV technology that ensures amazing image quality. Similar to Cable TV, users just need to connect the TV box to any TV set and enjoy. To add even more value and entertainment capacity, the Starcube Digital TV Box can record episodes for a later viewing. That’s right, your mom doesn’t have to be stuck waiting for her TV shows. Just set the recorder and it’s good to go *.

Mothers day gifts with Starmobile
*Requires a memory stick/flash drive

Mommy on the go

Moms are always on the go, whether busy at home or the office, moms are are always on the move. For this very reason, the better Mother’s day picks might just be JUMPU mobile products. These are accessories that embody the best in Japanese design and manufacturing. The variety of colors allows you to choose based on your moms style and mood. Just pick from this assortment of options:

• MICRO reversible cables in red, blue, green, and pink (Php 295) and space gray and gold (Php 350)
• LITNIN lightning cables in red, blue, green, and pink (Php 350) and space gray and gold (Php 395)
• DUAL series cables that support both micro USB or lightning outputs (Php 495)
• SEHA 5-port charger with Qualcomm Quick Charge (Php 1,495)
• SHUN 4-port charger with Qualcomm Quick Charge (Php 1,195)
• DUO 10,000 mAh power banks with both micro and lightning cables (Php 995)
• KLASIK 5,000 mAh (Php 495) and 10,000 mAh (Php 895) power banks that support micro and lightning outputs

Starcube and JUMPU products are available in many of your favorite tech and lifestyle retail stores.

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