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Starmobile FeatureSmart T601i, feature phone or smartphone?

Last week, Starmobile proudly and officially made itself known to the public with a media launch. For those who still don’t know who Starmobile is, they are a local maker of quality dual SIM mobile phones for the mass market.

featuresmart t601i 1

They also announced their latest creation, the FeatureSmart T601i. Going by its name, you must be wondering if it’s a feature phone with smart functions, or a feature-rich smartphone?

featuresmart t601i 2

Not putting any more labels to it, the T601i is a full-touchscreen dual-SIM phone packed with features and smartphone functions. It has a 3.5-inch display, WiFi connectivity, 3.2 megapixel camera, supports java apps and even has a mobile TV (yes it has a retractable antenna). It also has a built-in access to Facebook, Twitter and comes with Opera Mobile for browsing.

featuresmart t601i 3

The T601i also comes with exclusive mobile content from Inquirer.net and Job Market Online for real time news updates and job alerts.

featuresmart t601i 4

The FeatureSmart T601i is now available in stores nationwide for just Php3,290.

Starmobile FeatureSmart T601i Specs:

  • 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen
  • 312 MHz processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 1GB internal storage
  • Dual-SIM
  • WiFi
  • EDGE
  • Mobile TV
  • 3.2 megapixel camera
  • Opera mobile
  • Inquirer.net/Job Market Online
  • 1150 mAh battery
  • SRP: Php3,290

Going further on Starmobile, they are very passionate with their phones and being the designers, they are also passionate about the quality. They even offer 12-months warranty on parts and services from the date of purchase! That’s saying a lot on their commitment to customers.

For more information, check out www.starmobile.com.ph, Happy Man by Starmobile on Facebook, and @happymanPH on Twitter.

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  • Jason

    I’d like to buy one for my mom! The phone looks gorgeous. Also, I encourage everyone to give Filipino brands a chance. Koreans did the same thing when companies like Samsung, KIA, LG were just getting started πŸ™‚

    • lalaland

      haha i know right! they we should stop using korean products! they are “slowly but surely” taking over the world! even some of their products looks ugly as hell and substandard!! i will still prefer ford and Chevrolet than kia nag hyundai! and nokia and iPhone to samsung and lg, same with sharp and toshiba! we should love the japanese standard more instead of koreans… my teacher dont like korean made products because it easily broke down unlike japanese made and US made!

  • That warranty is much better than anything MyPhone, Cherry Mobile or Torque can offer. I hope other Pinoys realize just how much they’re getting out of that 12 month warranty coverage alone and start patronizing this brand.

    • lalaland

      yeah and the quality too! but myphone beat these cherry mobile and torque in terms of durability! i have a friend that uses his myphone since 2008! and still working! unlike CM, only six months of life… especially the new models!

  • erwinlih


    give more specs please!

    • will ask. but there’s wifi and gprs only.

  • albert

    I am planning on purchasing this phone but i just wanna ask if it support txt. documents. I am an avid ebook reader and this is the format that i am most comfortable with,…. more power.. SUPPORT PINOY!!!

    • lalaland

      go to there facebook site! my happyman (as they call there mascot) is replying to all the users there! unlike myphone’s and cherry mobile’s page! it looks like a ghost town! they only reply sa mga good deeds pero sa mga nag tatanong and nag rereklamo…wla..specially cherry mobile’s page!

      but starmobile’s page admin is willing to answer the questions and any other concern with ending phrase “Reach for the Star :)”

      • do you know how much and where i can buy starmobile feauturesmart T601i? please reply fast

        • hi teejay try mo magtanong sa facebook page nila. mas matutulungan ka doon. thanks!

          • Jm

            I bought this one as part of my 2012 year end bonus at 2999 Php and so far maganda ang phone. One should befriend the phone so that he or she can use it in full bloom. Sayang lang naiwala ng kapatid ko but for sure Star Mobile is the best Phil. brand of Smartphones… Runner up ang Torque…

  • Griswold

    312MHz processor? typo ba yan? parang weird. 312mhz then yung RAM 512MB. pero yeah, cool phone na pang-masa. mura pa.

  • karl

    The 3.5 inch screen is commendable. so is dual sim, Opera Mobile, the TV, 512 mb RAM, and Java. I think I’ll wait for future models though, the specs I’m seeing here are far lower than what I expect.

    To the StarMobile people, I know it’s too late but I’d like to suggest the following specs for a good entry-level device:

    3.5 inch screen (a good start)

    at least 600 MHz qualcomm

    256 mb RAM

    3G!!! (cannot be overemphasized)

    Wifi b/g connectivity and hotspot function


    microSD support for up to 16gig

    Huawei and ZTE were able to integrate these features into their smartphones and they cost just a little more than the FeatureSmart. Food for thought. More power though, and if you can build a phone like that then I’ll be one of your happy customers. πŸ™‚

    • pikapowerize

      actually this doesnt run on an android OS…the phones is called featuresmart which is i guess a feature phone with some functionality of a smart phone!

      android isnt really the best but since a lot of people has an android device… but i would suggest that starmobile should support the upcoming firefox OS’ boot to gecko… it has a promising specs and will support a $50 phone.. so i think if firefox’s OS will be release, android has a real competition now in terms of the linux base OSes..and spec for low end… it will really going to be a hit!


    • lalaland

      its no android device so its doesnt need to go for qualqomm chips… i think the meaning of featuresmart is a featurephone that looks and feels like a smartphone!

      but android need higher than 600MHZ! i just wish that they will support the new OS by firefox! called the firefox OS.. it was supported by smart… so i hope even they make android device in the near future they should make a firefox too! btw its also open source!

      but firefox dont want to be like android because android has these patent battles with Microsoft and Apple… firefox wanted there OS to be patent free…

      and btw the phone supported micro sd support upto 32GB!

  • jim

    i really love it… CAPACITIVE????????? MAY THIS WORKS GOOD..

  • Frank

    does it features multitasking? Well this is a feature phone and i’m surprised that it features 512 MB RAM,so the question is can we use it for multitasking? Starmobile I hope you have a quality check in your products.Selling Cheap phones w/o costumer satisfaction is profit but doesn’t have the good reputation that will not attract future costumers anymore.Siguro pagawa rin sa China to kasi ang mura unless nagma-mass produce kayo dito sa Pilipinas…

    • lalaland

      i dont think na makapag multitask sya! its not even multitouch only tap-to-zoom

      and yes, it is made in china… but di basta basta na china made…they are made by foxconn, the one who make the iPhones, according to yugatech… but i doubt it.. so cheap kasi… but this is better than cherry mobile which has a bad product kasi most of their products now are pure marketing nalang wala ng quality! better than myphone because these wifi+tv phone can connect to the public wifis unlike myphone’s version wifi+tv phone na tw29 tv duo! and both cherry mobile and myphone’s OS are the same sa mga china phones which is really a downfall! starmobile uses its own OS..

      it is i guess base on java OS!

    • Toshi89

      it is multitasking., but not a multi-touch., why is it cheap because feature phone is supposively a cheap phone but can compete with smartphone., sa tingin niyo ba walang problema ang smartphone ng iba?., may issue sa samsung, ung back button nagloloko., sa sony xperia naman they have issue sa os ng phone na they have to replace the unit kasi di pa nila alam kung paano ayusin ung bug sa os nila.,
      pero ang star mobile may 1 year warranty to serve there customers, di gaya ng ibang manufacturer’s., made from china but they serve like a filipino people., πŸ˜€

  • Toshi89

    Actually, I have this one.,
    this phone has :

    -motion sensor
    -qwerty, alpha numeric and handwriting text mode
    -running opera mini 10.1 which can use multi-tab browsing
    -3.5″ capacitive LCD touchscreen
    -FM radio w/ recorder
    -Mobile TV
    -system provided wallpaper’s
    -run it’s own OS
    -3.2mp camera(looks blurry but after upload it to pc, it not just blur as you see in phone)
    -and more

    for apps and games., they can provide it as you request.,
    I request fruit ninja and other games., and they call me just to inform that they will mail me the games I requested(this games are not java nor adroid apps), this game is only run on this phone only., i have now fruit ninja and fishing fun which i enjoy playing it, and still other games will be send this monday., they have a good customer service than others.,

    • Mae Rolda

      im planning to buy one.. i like the features and application.. specially the games.. and also to support pinoy made!

    • lito

      can they send me those games also? is it for free?

      • Toshi89

        Yes., it’s free., also they have app store., with 16 games on just play it while connected through wifi\internet to activate the game., for fruit ninja and fishing fun, its on trial version because they only try those program if they can convert android app to vxp file which is suitable for this feature phone., but there is a trick to by pass that., just delete h file for fruit ninja and fishingjoy_data.gd file for fishing fun to play it again.,

        • Reid

          hi Toshi89, can you send all games they gave you aside in the games in the appstore.

          and can i have their email add so that i can request games and apps. πŸ™‚

          [email protected]

          thank you very much!!!

          • Reid

            [email protected]
            pala un. walang ’18’

          • Toshi89

            Ok na sir.,

          • mga sir alam nyo ba kung magkano un?

          • yolet

            sir toshi, so far i have only downloaded the noah’s ark game and a racing car game. can you send me the games, like angry birds, fishing fun, temple run, fruit ninja, etc. please sir toshi. i need them for my special child’s T601i. for a long time, he’s been craving for an iphone which is too pricey. i would rather spend that on his therapies and tutorials. luckily and very timely, this starmobile phone happened!
            [email protected]

          • marvin129

            Sir can you send me a games on my email….
            [email protected]

            hopefully plants vs zombies… angry birds… farm frenzy is available…


          • may de leon

            hi, hwere can i download games for Starmobile T601i?

        • Reid

          pkiresend po dito tnx!!

          [email protected]

    • Akira

      “natry mo na po bang gamitin ang gprs”
      ok lang po ba?

      • Toshi89

        Quite good po., mabilis, depende sa setup mo sa opera mini.,

    • Bern

      Sir pwede po ba pa send ako ng games kakabili ko lang nito nung sunday kaso paran ang papangit po ng games sa App store, then bakit po nag rerestart to tuwing ni binubuksan ko ito. Need help. Thanks po sa makakasagot.

      Eto po pala yung email ko: [email protected]

  • chuck

    Is this a Chinese company,owned by Chinese with Chinese manager and exec’s making mobiles in the Philippines??Who owns this company and who owns Cherry mobile?? support Philippine products..

  • Gemma

    Warning: Don’t be fooled. This is phone is not pinoy made. It’s a communist China OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)phone customized to customer specifications (the customer being a filipino chinese company in this case.) Software for these phones are very limited, buggy and frequently crash and hang. Save your money and just get a real Android phone.

  • bibili na sana ako nito pero bakit ganun?? ndi nakakapasok sa facebook,twitter,youtube and even google kahit na naka-connect na sya sa wifi πŸ™

    • Reid

      hi, i am planning to buy this phone too. Pero anong bket ganon? nkakapasok s facebook,twitter, etc?kht nakaconnect s wifi? pkiexplain. tnx tabi πŸ™‚

    • lito

      ganyan din ako nung una.. pero mali lang pala configuraion ng opera mini browser kaya di maka-connect…

      check mo ito: opera mini > settings > advanced > Network Profile > [turn on] WLAN only

    • Reid

      lito may iba k bang problem na naencounter? kht small or big. tnx.

  • I just bought this phone and so far so good. I love the wifi connectivity its fast and goes well with the opera browser. TV works well and the thread mode in SMS makes it look smart. 3.5 full touchscreen is smooth. It’s way more better than other affordable dual sim/TV phones. Highly recommended!

    Job well done STARMOBILE!

    • Reid

      how about java?
      is this phone can run any java apps/games well?

      • yup, like your typical featurephone, this run on java os so you can load java apps into it.

    • Akira

      “how about the GPRS? ok lang po ba, gumagana naman?”

      • Reid

        Yes, working!

  • Reid

    hi guys, can you send me all games the they gave you aside in the games in the appstore.

    and can i have their email add so that i can request games and apps. πŸ™‚

    [email protected]

    thank you very much!!!

    • Toshi89

      tinatapos pa ung mga games sir., send ko agad sayo pagkasend nila sakin.,

  • stsven

    my smartmobile t601i keeps on restarting
    is there any chances to be repaired?

    • Reid

      same to my problem,
      but i think it is same to the computers, when it reach the maximum temperature (or capacity), the system will restart automatically.
      my t601i restarts when i am doing many stuffs at the same time XD, so i just avoid opening the background processes/program that is not necessary.

      as of now it is working good, but if something shit happens, im going to contact the starmobile. XD haha

  • Jimmy

    THIS PHONE IS DEFECTIVE, it always restart and you cannot use it as what ^’stsven’ said above. They are just going to give you 1 week replacement then your phone will start restarting continuously after the first week. You cannot replace it and you have no choice but to repair it to them. They are going to say at first that it will takes 2-3 days but after few minutes, they can just give you a minimum of one week or two for repairing. Is that what we call a good service? Are they giving their customers REAL satisfaction? you can check out other people who have similar problem in their facebook page (happy man).

    babala lng guys,
    -from disappointed customer.

  • Hi,

    I bought this phone a few days ago and so far so good, for just 3,290 pesos its really worth it! plus its a pinoy mobile…really cool!

    Yung ringtone and message tone puede ng mp3, bluetooth and wifi works perfect.

    Capacitive screen also perfect, mbilis yung scroll nya and mdali i-customized like wallpaper, ringtone, may light-sensor din pra sa screen brightness, phonebook also may features na mganda in-terms of adding contacts, calling etc.

    hindi sya mukhang cheap, tv nya mlinaw and mdali gmitin, sa battery di ko pa masigurado kung tatagal kasi bgo p lng, pero i used it for a day call and tv, ok nman yung battery life.

    I would recommend this phone…Buy Pinoy Products!

    Will update soon…

    • mary

      hey! patulong nmn po pls :DD. ano po mas mganda? starmobile or myphone?? starmobile T601i or myPhone Tw26 3d-duo?? pa help po pls. alin ang matibay and magandang gmitin starmobile or myPhone??? pa help — tnx .. quick response pls tnx :))

  • Kenneth

    Maganda ba talaga ito hehe eto na lang bibilhin ko sana may makareply agad dito sa tanong ko?

    • Reid

      hi kenneth,

      maganda to, in terms of GUI, features, etc.
      but may bug, mdyo madalas magrerestart ung phone, swerte mo kapag nagrestart na xa continously at wala kang magawa kundi panoorin nlng kc sobrang ngrerestart tlg. ung updated version nila is ganon pa din, ndi nasolve ung problem kea ingat2x nlang sa paggamit.
      but icompare mo sa myphone, ill tell you go with starmobile kht may bug is ok namn xa, (not all the time mgrerestart xa, parang ramdom lng) idk y.

      pero sayang naman kaya go nlng s samsung, android pa. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Kenneth,

      5 days ko ng gamit tong starmobile T601i ko, so far so good namn, di ko pa naman na experience yung mag restart. Pero i think possible mangyari yun kung yung memory limit nya ay magamit lahat, just like nokia symbian OS, nag ha-hang pag napuno memory.

      Nilagyan ko ng 8gig memory card yung unit ko and with regards to speed, ok pa din, no change mula ng binili ko, wala pa naman ako negative comment except walang games hehehe pero sabi ng starmobile soon may available na silang game package and update ko tong post ko pag na receive ko na and na test.

      • Kenneth

        Ang habol ko lang naman maka-wifi tsaka yung durability nya is amtagal ba Mario and Reid

      • Kenneth

        Mario Nakakayoutube rin ba sya o hindi?

        • Maganda wi-fi nya madali at mabilis mag connect. I can play youtube using wi-fi then yung mobile site ng youtube m.youtube.com, pag nag play ka ng youtube video full screen sya.

          Durability – di ko pa alam kung gaano ktibay kasi 5 days ko plng ginagamit, mukha namang matibay.

          • Kenneth

            eh yung battery gaano katagal malowbat if tuloy tuloy kang gumamit ng phone

          • Balong

            buti pa si mario nakakapanood sa youtube. itong sa akin ayaw naman. pag nanood ako pupunta sa player tapos 3gp ika hanggang sa wala nang lalabas.

            sa battery okay naman siya kasi nakakapanood naman ako nang tatlong movie e dipa nalolobat. pwede pa mag wifi….

  • noreen

    can this read any ebook format?

    • Balong


  • bob weiss

    Bought the t601i yesterday and it seems like a good phone at a very good price. The instruction manual that comes with it is inferior and needs much work.

    I went to their website for an online manual and there is none and their website is a total joke. Wrong specs on this phone and no manual. Emailed them and will see what I get as a response.

  • Balong

    bumilio ako nang starmobile t601i last July 12, 2012 at wala pang 1 week medyo nag-eerror na sa menu. pag pipindutin yung menu nang rerestart siya tapos sim not ready ika. ibinalik ko at pinalitan naman nang bago. pagdating ko nang bahay namin e nag google ako sa t601i na pinalitan… wala pang tatlong oras patay sindi na naman… ibinalik ko na naman kinaumagahan at pinalitan na nang bago. as of now… okay naman na siya. kaso mabagal sa facebook. kailangan aware din kayo pag nagwarning na out of memory na kasi pag ipinagpatuloy ay bigla nalang dina magpa-function ang phone. all in all, okay naman siya. sa text okay siya kaso pag sinet sa conversation e di siya magkakasunod. magulo! dahil diyan, bumili nalang ako nang samsung galaxy pro na qwerty. at yung starmobile ko na t601i ay ibinigay ko nalang sa anak ko na 5 years old para pagpanooran nang mga inilagay kong cartoons movie. im sure… sasakit lang ulo mo pag bumili ka nang ganyan. kaya tamang tama lang pala sa presyo na inilagay. may bago yata silang ilalabas… startmobile na tab? icecream sandwich 4.1 yata ang os.

  • i hope maayos yung mga defect ng T60li kc im planning to buy also. kaso dhil sa mga disadvantage n naba2sa ko,im still doubtful.sana mpnsin ng starmobile ang mga comment nyo..

  • i’m an I.T. …,,i just bought it this afternoon and its good… try it.. no problem on features..

  • nersh

    hi, i got one, pero ngayon gusto ko ng ibenta sa mas murang halaga, kasi akala ko medyo mahahawig sa iphone ang features nya..badly nde pla supported by an android os ito..it’s original price is 3,290 but im selling it nalang ng 2,500 negotiable pa. 09164769648/09399205410 or visit my sulit.com.ph account just search starmobile t601i (nersh19).thanks!

  • mark

    gud am panu ireformat ang t601i nkalimutan q kc un security code nya d q mgamit ang app manager pag inoopen q nmmtay plz reply tnx

    • Dan Ong

      tawag ka sa tech dept. hanapin mo si Ms. Shir Lee tel. 470-2828 lo.117 or 0933-6467775

  • ola

    hoe can change the themes of this kind of phone??

  • Jack

    I bought this mobile 8 days ago. I really find it’s a good phone for the price. Most people who complain about these phones, generalize about them, when the problem usually is, it’s their particular phone that is at fault, not all the phones being sold. I have 1 iphone and also a Samsung Galaxy 2, and so far, I have just used the Starmobile. I really do like it. It nearly does everything I want it to do.. So I heartily recommend it to anyone who is thibking about buying a new phone for around this price.

  • Dan Ong

    I just bought one recently in fact its a starmobile T602i screen is 4″ its fast the only thing i didn’t take a good look at it is that it has no bluetooth and no usb capable to linking your computer for transferring files to the micro sd card inside the mobile phone. Is it possible to add up these features on your next upcoming model and increase the battery to 1,800mAh or more so it won’t get drained right away especially when watching TV

    • Eye Reen

      Yes I agree,,,my starmobile T60i2 won’t last a day if i watch tv. Everything is good only that the battery won’t last long πŸ™

  • nhd

    hmff mas mabuti pang ito na lng binili kaysa sa samsung chat 3353 sa mga nbbsa ko.. May medyo lamang ag star mobile sa nbili kung samsung

  • Dan Ong

    Hey guys I am sorry, I made an honest mistake on the T602i may bluetooth pala and capable of linking the usb cable to your computer for data transfer. Pero ito sure na ako the battery that comes with the package is 1,500Mh masyadong mababa madaling ma lowbat within the day lalo pa pag naka turn on ang bluetooth at TV at least gawin ng Starmobile na 2,300Mh para naman tumagal ng 2days, pero guys bilhin niyo na lang ang T602i kalalabas lang kaunti lang ang price difference sa T601i pero hanep sa features pwedeng itapat sa mga branded mobile phones hindi kayo mag sisisi.

  • mtkrocks

    pls someone help me i dont know how to get connected through gprs in this phone pls tell me the procedure for both smart and globe sim that how to get gprs to be working there thanku.

  • gege


    Please send me games here [email protected]

  • janski

    bakit gnun? yung phone ko na same model, t60i kung kelan magbibilihan na mgga tropa ko ng same phone like mine, ayun sira naman! patay sindi patay sindi! badtrip na quality! πŸ™

    • Eye Reen

      I think it depends where they bought the phone. Make sure they purchased it in a reliable starmobile phone stores. Thanks!

  • bumili ako ng star mobile t60li nung month ng october. ok naman sya. maganda yung mga feutures pero ngayon, nagpapalya.. when i open it, nagrerstart sya taos nagsisim is not yet ready. dahil po ba yun sa memory ng phone? pag-ipapaavail ko po ba yung warranty ko, papalitan ng bagong unit yung phone ko? thank you star mobile!

  • Totoy

    Ayos nman po ang t603i q…sa plaging panghihits q ng free wifi lage nalalag2 to..1st nlaglag kasing taas ng tao gasgas lng…haha:-D
    Ayyy uunga pla pahinge nmn po ng games na share sa inyo.
    Ito po pla ang email add q.. [email protected]

    • emerson

      ano ba tong model na to T601i… lagi na lang nag loloko. patay sindi patay sindi… malapit na matapos ang warranty pero ganun parin ang deperensya dinala ko na nga sa star mobile phone kung saan ko nabili… nirereset lang nila… nagtanong ako kung paano i reset ayaw nila magturo… para pagnagloko ako na lang ang mag reset. mahigit sampong beses na itong nangyari nakakainis na talaga.. dapat palitan nyo ito ng bago o i refund ang pera ko.. may deperensya ang phone model na to…. unfair sa mga customer na kagaya ko…

  • Amir

    PAnu po b mapagana ung ebook dito? may nid p b i download? or capable po b ito for hack internet? Thanks for immediate response sir…

  • alvin leste

    hi pwede pasend naman po games para sa starmobile t601i ko…. pls

    my email: [email protected]

    From: Dasmarinas City, Cavite

  • sarje

    paano po gumagana yung ebook?
    Thanks for immediate response sir

  • Ging

    Hello po,

    Pano po gamitin ung ebook? Can I transfer the ebooks (pdfs) I have on this phone? Is the format supported?

    Pa send din po ng games..

    Thank you very much.