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Starmobile Knight, 4.7-inch phone with 18MP+8MP cameras

Premium local phone and tablet brand, Starmobile, unveiled 11 new devices in the opening of their flagship store in Manila at the 3rd floor of SM North EDSA Annex last week.

Leading the pack is the Starmobile Knight.


The Starmobile Knight is the brand’s latest flagship Android phone. It is ideal for camera junkies as it sports two great cameras – an 18MP at the back and an unheard of 8MP front camera for those who love to take selfies. Of course a geek will tell you that for a mobile device, it’s not about the megapixel but casual buyers can surely be blinded by those numbers.

But the camera isn’t the only thing shining on this Knight. It’s also packed with some decent specs. Powering it is MediaTek’s 1.2 GHz quad-core processor along with 1GB of RAM, enough to play and run some of the most demanding games and apps on the Google Play today.

Its 4.7″ touchscreen is protected by Corning’s Gorilla Glass technology while the screen boasts of an impressive pixel density of 315 PPI, which will satisfy the HD junkies out there.

I don’t know about you but I think this phone will separate Starmobile from other local players in the market today.

The Knight will be available in their flagship store sometime around mid-July. Price has yet to be disclosed so let’s ask you, readers, how much do you think such phone should cost.

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  • alvir

    8k pls

    • Tj Macrey

      lol. higher specs kesa sa OHD 2.0, tapos mas mhal ang pricing nila kesa sa CM.. 12k-15k to..

      • alvin h.

        honestly sa 10k patok ito… more than that ewan ko nalang. maxado ambisyoso kase itong starmobile magpresyo. sana mabankrupt nalang kayo para myphone o cherry nalang ang nagdala nito sa pinas. lols.

        • LUI G.

          i agree… if cherry mobile magdadala nito, this will be less than 10k, since they already had the skyfire 2.0, omega hd 2.0 na halos same spec nito, etc. not exceeding 10k at all… this will be a great buy if tatapatan nila price ng cm

          • Punk

            Nice sana kng below 10k yan,, pwde 8k, para sold out yan, mas mura mas ma binta..

          • Whamphipty

            Pop n pop daw to sabi knina sa ch11, kumpara sa OHD .. mhal lng kc tlgang msasatisfy ka sa kayang gawin ng cp.. pero kung ako lng ok n ok to..

          • MAXDEAMON

            uuu MABANKRUPT NALNG SANA KAYO Starmobile ANG CM and Myphone maglalaban kung baga TV5 kayo tapos myphone at CM dos at syete buset!!!!!!

          • Pros n Cons

            Dapat ang price nito 9k to 10k, after 6mos. ma luma na etong model nato and the quality is not that high and for sure maraming bugs pa eto. parang camera eto na my sim card.. dapat 1.7ghz quad core w/ 2gb mem, and internal sd card of 16gb, external sd up to 64gb and long life battery..

      • bhurnz

        Mga ewwww kyo d kyo mrunong pumili ng mgnda at mtibay.I love star mobile kesa cherry crain sobrang low end.4 d price OK ang sm khit memo mhal atlit sulit s ganda ng features at tibay.I'm sori pero naging sales me ng cherry at mssbi ko Dami balik.OK p myphone

  • Lextaicho

    Hehe… ang kulet lang… mukang iPhone…

    • Ron

      Sort of a turn off IMO.

  • Edsar

    Overpriced mag presyo ang StarMobile above 10K yan for sure. Sa Omega HD 2.0 nalang siguro ako.

  • Art Cruz

    Mgkano exact price nito?

  • L-jo

    dapat less than 12k kasi di sila bebenta ng madami kung sobrang mahal… hope they read this, tuloy nagdalawang isip ako sa N. Lumia 720 gurshhh

  • L-jo

    yung starmobile knight sana nama po is mababa ang price kasi mga nagtitipid na mayayaman lang ang bibili ksi look po, mahirap>> mahirap ding makabili, Middle class>> mahihirapang bumili at pipili ng iba, mayamang nagtitipid>> high percentage of sales nyo sa kanila, mayaman>> pipili nalang ng mas high end na phone, kaya sana naman po babaan nyo yung knight ng mga 12k below mga kunwari Php.11990 at sure akong bebenta yan ganda pa naman ng specs… hope you read this

  • alvir

    stick nalang ako sa nokia lumia 520

  • leon gulat

    ang hirap sa starmobile ay pricing nila. roughly 2k pesos more expensive for a similarly spec’d local rebrand. tingnan nyo yung starmobile diamond, pinaka epic fail na produkto, 9.5k php, tapos me ibang brand available same specs 8k lang. yung isang local brand naman sa halagang 9k quadcore na inoffer nila. its a good company offering good products but sadly its being run very horribly. the price range of their highend products is already competing with established international brands which most filipinos are familiar with. iisipin ng mga pinoy, china rebranded smartphone tapos over 10k? that will be a hard sell in todays price conscious market. 11k-20k range, ibang consumer demographic na yan who will be most likely brand conscious and without a doubt will purchase a samsung, sony, lenovo and the likes over a locally branded smartphone.

    • m

      tama i agree kung gnyn kmhal me samsung at murang plan ang mga network ng mga iphones…or else camera lng nmn ang iniba… hahahahaha tanong gnyn b ktibay yan ktulad ng mga computer brand phone syang ang pera investment pa din mttwag yan kc pera gnagamit jan…mg isip isip sa presyong mhal… ako nga nag IP5 plan 999 pero lam mo kc n kpag mgnda ang phone d k palit ng palit..isip sip bk sa susunod mg papalit nnmn ng mas mtaas p jan kk crazy…tapos m disaapoint lng kyo dahil sa android competition… think wisely syang pera…

      • witch


  • All-STAR

    Inside source said its below 13k. Good deal!

    • Gerome

      13k? mag CM Omega HD 2.0 nlng ako 9k lng..

      • Natsume

        Tama yan I have Omega HD 2.0 now and this phone that i have is Great!!! and Hirap sa Starmobile napakamahal magpatong…

    • 13k still no deal.. hahah
      dapat baba pa banker
      should less than 10k ^_^

    • ALL-STAR

      Can’t blame them. SRP in Thailand is 9,490 Baht which is more or less P13,000 😉

      • bobbytarlac

        8490 baht (11k++ php) yung mga oem ng OHD at diamond sa thailand pero bat mas mura ang benta nila dito?

      • sana php 9k lng para makabili ako agad…. 🙂

  • Starmobile might use the 18 megapixel + 8 megapixel camera to over price this unit. Kung overpriced ito, better buy the imobile IQX.
    But honestly the 18MP+8MP is overrated and is just a gimmick. Hindi naman ito katulad sa PureView.

    • LUI G.

      oo tunay yan… megapixels stated are only overated lang, parang china mades undersized baga…^_^

    • Judee

      Jeff, do you by chance know where to buy an Imobile IQX? Medyo yun kasi target ko I just dont know where to buy one here sa PH

  • bobbytarlac

    13k for a local rebrand? game over for starmobile. RIP.

    • bobbytarlac

      honestly if this retails for around 11k… i’ll be the first in line to purchase it when available.

      • 11k? Mag Omega HD 2.0 na lang ako. hehehe! hindi naman nagkakalayo ang specs nila, camera lang.

        peke pa yung 18mp at nyang Starmobile knight

        • Gerome

          tama yang 18mp eh 12mp lng nmn tlga…CM Omega HD 2.0 nlng tlga 9k lng..

        • bobbytarlac

          ayoko kase ng mga 5″ screen, masyadong malaki

  • 13k? hahaha!! Mag S3 na lang ako.

    • oh nga, pinoy brand lng mahal pa…. 😉

  • Gerome

    kaya nga..dapat affordable 2…kc yung bagong diamond v7 nila 12k…cguro pd na2 sa 9k pang tapat sa CM HD Omega 2.0…

    • bobbytarlac

      bat mo nalaman 12k yung v7? hindi pa ata nagrelease sa pricing. pero kung ganun dapat mas mura yung knight, sana mga 10-11k lang ang knight

  • some teki kuno commentors should be proud that we’re having a local product competing wid int’l brands.. dapat lets help local brands..

    • squishygoo

      not with those rumoured prices. i mean 13k?! i agree with some of the comments, if sold around 10-11k… this will give cm and mp a run for their money. kahit na yung patok na patok na ohd 2.0.

  • tigerdon

    wohoho! another contender in the dual sim wars. totoo ba yung mga pricing sa commments? akala ko ba mas mura itong mga local brands naten.

  • ladytish

    tagal ng release date at pricing… can’t wait for this phone! im gonna get one as soon its available. i just hope its not expensive.

  • leynard

    Less than 10k sana ! Hmn.

  • captjames

    ang tagal released date, WTF?

  • It’s priced Php 16.5K @ sulit.com.ph
    Last update: June 10, 9:00pm.

  • jen franco

    i hope it would be 8k to 10k pricing .., pra afford nmn ng mga tao ! if ever nsa 15k something yan . well i would choose iphone nlng … hope u grant r wishes about the dealling price ! gbless all ..

  • jen franco

    so excited for this phone ! i love the looks prng iphone lng tlga .. i would buy this if okay ang pricing ….. gossssssssshhhhhhhhy !!! 🙂

  • dragonblue

    holy shhhh… thats one expensive mother f….. hintay nalang sa offcial SRP pero ang tagal pa ng july.

  • i amshe

    mas mgnda ung blaze 2.0 kysa s ohd 2.0

    • Natsume

      Masyadong malaki nga lang then may redundant dalawa yung home button..

  • kapag ang local brands lumagpas ng 10k, parang magdadalawang isip kanang bilhin

  • rex

    mura man og iphone ang porma..

  • wew

    I would go to myphone a919i or s3 mini… kakapag tataka tlga ang s.m.. pero mgnda tlga dw to price lang tlga.. tyka ung omega.. d ako kumbinsido I saw sa youtube ung test ung isa nag hang sa kalagitnaan ng test MP paren

  • It’s like 11+++php as endorced in a tv show

    ==== i101today.blogspot.com ======

  • Giuseppe

    MP a919i pa din. Aftersales, Quality ng unit at maraming Devs dun tyo sa solid

  • PuLse La’Cie

    11,290 daw na-announce sa Rated-K program

  • Tangled

    Confirmed.. P11,290 it is. Don’t know if I should buy it agad sa release.. or antay antay saglit baka mag sale pa. but will definitely get this one.

  • Sweetchili

    Mahal ahh..pwede 8k nalang hahhaha

  • m

    hay nku khit nmn myman di bibili ng gnyn hahahahhaha… ofcourse un middle class or mas mahirap pa dpat price nyan lessthan 10k,,,anu bnnmn starmobile me pera ako tapos bibilin ko un gnyan phone hahahah crazy me, me iphone nmn at samsung.. pero s mg katulad ntin mid range income o mas mababa sa goverment salary eh dapat lessthan 10k lng wag nmn ipares sa ugali ni vice na mpagmamganda sa kpawa pinoy hahahahahah.. starmobile mki pinoy kyo…bibili ako nyan pg lessthan 10k,,, bgay nyo sa mga smalltime people mas madami kyong revenue mkukuha d nmn mabbili yan ng myayaman at uubosin yan sa budget na 12 k to 14k yan… hahahhaha..

  • m

    camera lng tinaas ahahahahah… 16k nga lng un samsung camera with cellphone function hahahahahaa… crazy!!!! wont buy that for the price of 12k…. dagdag nlng sa 16k nk samsung galaxy camera kn!


    kakapanood ko lng nito last night sa GMA TV (Qtv) about sa review.. pinag compare nila eto sa OMEGA HD as in wala cnabi omega HD.. and i heard from them it cost about 11k+

    • Harmond

      dapat ito ang flagship ng lahat ng Pinoy made Phones. okay na ung 11k to compare with CM omegaHD ndi nalalayo ang presyo pero mas mganda ang SMKnight price should be more lesser.. maybe 10.5k mas bibilhin ito ng nakrarami.. at ito ung phone na ndi ka mahihiyang itapat sa mga international branded phones. may ibubuga kumbaga .. at 11k mejo tagilid na ang StarMobile.. 10.5k best! 🙂 bababa ang presyo nito kapag mababa ang sales in the first 3-5 months.

  • m

    hindi porget mtaas ang camera mganda ang quality…pinataas nmn nila price dahil sa cam selfie! sa lens mismo yan khit pa gwin nila 100mp yan…eh samsung nga expert to camera khit 5 megapix super linaw…hahahaha….maniniwala pko pag lens nyan e canon ,nikon lens , ragefinder,pentax,lieca lens,panoscan lens,phase one lens,hassleblab lens,or digital lens, gnmit nilang lens.or eye contact lens n mala rainbow hahahaah…..iphone nga ang lilinaw sa 5 to 8 mp,,, retina p tawag nila…pero bibili ako nyn kpag 9k lng yan or 10 k pinoy price… mga chengwa management. eh 10k nyo lng!peace!!!

  • Sayang wala pala to LTE… laos agad hehe!

  • Proud Noypi

    These kinds of developments just shows that Filipino companies can compete head to head with IT giants such as Apple and Samsung. The comments here are nothing but a reflection of colonial mentality. Pinoys can’t support they own brand.

    Would you rather buy a foreign brand, with the same specs, but at a higher price? Being able to match the specs of global brands at a minimal price is just enough justification why we should support our own.

    Para sa mga teki-tekihan… Mag nokia 3310 na lang kayo. Imported yan, from Finland.

    • misterbiggy

      FYI, di ito manufactured by Starmobile, rebranded lang yan from Thailand, at mga Thai ang gumawa nyan. This will be cheap if it is really made here in the PH. Imported goods lang din yan kaya medyo mahal. Pinalitan lang ng pangalan. Hindi sa dino-down ko ang Filipino’s ha.

  • witch

    11,290k na ang pinalabas na price ng sm knight masyadong mahal, after a while magiging obsolete nanaman eto mas mabuti siguro yung 8-9k yung presyo. pag ganito siguro cm omega na lng choice q, d kaya 0+ nlang…

    • witch

      my bagong unit din ung cherrymobile this july cm razor P6,499.00 VERY AFFORDABLE 😉

  • KuRnoY

    Mgs readers ang specs ng CP ngyon ay higit pa sa specs ng mga lumang PC, sa RAM palang dati Win95 patok na ang 64Mb. Ang CP ay PC din yan miniaturized lang, What I would like to say is kung bibili tayo ng CP ngyon dapat kagaya din kung papano ka bibili ng PC ngayon. Kung bibili ka ng PC now diba ang unan mong nasa isip dapat Win8 ang OS? kasi alam mo na kung Win8 ang OS surely high specs ang PC kaysa sa pervious PC running Win7. Ganun din yun sa pagbili ng CP dapat unang papasaok sa isip mo e running on latest OS ba sya? For android Alam ko is Jellybean 4.2 as of now mid 2013 and 4.3 is nearing its release.

    Kaya ako kung bibili ako ng CP first ko aalamin is running ba sya on latest OS? para sure ako sa specs ng cp thats its capable running on latest programs tapos syaka ko na lang icocompare ang bawat models and brands having the latest OSes para di napagiiwanan agad at pwede pang makapagupgrade for future releases. Sana magkaron ng rebranded na BLU CP sa pinas. Maganda specs ng BLU at Gigabyte sa gsmarena.com. Dito sa Korea ok ang Specs ng Pantech brand partly owned by samsung, Cheap phone dito yan and SK quality.

    Masaya na ako kung meron CP na dual sim, 8MP BSI front and back camera tpos twin camflash din and an equivalent of 1Gb of RAM per core of CPU, i.e kung Quad-Core CP mo dpat 4GB ang RAM, kung Dual-Core=2GB Ram and NFC at LTE na din and pre-installed with important standard apps., yung ibang apps kasi basura lang.

    Pumalpak kasi sa pricing ng Diamond si SM pero quality naman ang mga rebranded releases nila di kagaya ni CM na mga halatang cheapo tlga cps nila Mas presentable ang Starmobile phones at myPhone except sa map ng pinas na idinidikit sa gawang thailand, india or china, Kaya wag na magtaka kung iclaim tayo ng buo by China kasi sa isang made in china may mapa ng buong pilipinas.. hehehehe

  • Bangkok Personal Shopper

    Hello, why do you call it local brand ? It’s a Thai brand right ? We bought it in Thailand for our customer at the local price of 8190 thai Baht. How much does it cost in your country ? Personal-Shopper-Bangkok.

  • Mae

    kaya lang naman mahal ang Starmobile kasi maganda siya. Ang panget naman kaya ng Cherry mobile kaya wag niyong ikukumpera ang Star sa Cherry. Eh hello, same lang ito sa Samsung. Pag kinompara niyo ito sa Samsung, malamang mas mahal. Mas mahal, mas maganda and advance ang specs

  • kristina

    hahaha. duuuhhh?

  • Legit

    You’ll end up wasting your money buying this phone. For those who are interesed in buying this phone, i'd suggest buy a 2nd hand iphone instead.

    I bought this phone 3 months ago. At first it did well but eventually, I’ve encountered a lot of problems with this phone which is disappointing.

    1. Phone reboots at random times.
    2. Reboots when I take pictures with flash.
    3. Their so-called feature “Wireless Update” isn’t true. You still need to ask for it’s latest version from Starmobile’s FB page by sending them a message.
    4. Built-in Battery broke within only a span of 3 months. Wow.
    5. Screen flickering.

    Now im seeking time to repair my phone that could take weeks. (which is disappointing because as I student, having a phone is necessary especially that Im using it for notes, reminders, alarm, etc.)