Starmobile Play Click Review

The Starmobile Play Click made huge waves when it came out. For a smartphone that is less than Php 1,500 this phone offers a lot. Here is our Starmobile Play Click review.

Starmobile Play Click Review – Design and Construction

Right off the bat, this phone looks different. But, that isn’t a bad thing. With the display encased into the silver body, this phone looks solid. Most smartphones today opt for bezel-less designs but the Play Click not only embraced bezels but also gave it a good look. The silver surrounding the black makes it look very professional.

Aside from that, we get the usual placings such as audio jack and USB micro port on the top. The volume control and power buttons are a t the right side. At the bottom of the phone is the mic, and the speaker is at the bottom of the back.

Starmobile Play Click Review – Multimedia & Display

With its 4.5 inch display at 480×854 resolution, this phone plays good videos. The sounds are clear but when the volume is maxed, expect some less than stellar audio (which is normal). Another note, viewing at certain angles may not be the best with this device as the display tends to shift colors at angles. However, considering the responsiveness of the display it is  matter of preference.

Starmobile Play Click Review – Performance

The 1.2 GHz quad core processor does alright but with a 512mb RAM, be aware of background running apps. The UI is smooth with the Android 5.1 Lollipop, however, this phone does not escape the woes of such a small memory. I installed Subway Surfers on this and it lagged quite a bit. Switching between apps can be annoying as well. However, when running apps are kept at a minimal this phone can work smoothly. Just remember that it isn’t for gamers.

I ran this phone through our usual tests Quadrant Standard Edition and Antutu Benchmark. Below are the scores:

Quadrant: 4951
Antutu:      16834

Starmobile Play Click Review – Camera

Considering this is a low cost smartphone, do not expect much from it the camera of the Play Click.  The rear camera at 5MP takes okay photos just right for random status updates. Do not expect any dazzling quality here, remember it is less than 1,500 pesos. It does come with flash and auto focus though, and a 2MP front cam.

Below are sample photos taken with the Play Click:

Starmobile Play Click Review – Call Quality:

There is not much to go on here, the call quality was decent. I was able to clearly hear who I was talking too as I was walking. I also tried a test call using the headset and it was also of decent quality. At good signal strengths, expect a solid quality call. Nothing stellar but since calling is a primary function of a phone, this is still important to note.

Starmobile Play Click Review – Connectivity

The Starmobile Play Click has multiple connectivity options – Bluetooth, usb micro port, Wifi, GPS and FM radio. It is usual fare but there is nothing wrong with that. It’s all good quality however this phone does not have USB OTG.

Starmobile Play Click Review – Battery

With a 1650mAh li-on battery, the Play Click can last for a while.  At half brightness and casual use, I found that lasted over 12 hours. However, at full brightness while watching videos, I found that it can last up to 5 hours. Again, that isnt bad considering its price.

Starmobile Play Click Review – Conclusion

Overall, for its price, the Starmobile Play Click is a good smartphone.  It packs a lot of decent quality features into it, making it a sweet deal. What users ought to consider though is that this is not a smartphone for the social media darling or the gaming fanatic. This is a smartphone for someone who wants to have a solid starter phone at a low price. This is not an insult to the Play Click, it’s just true, I believe that at Php 1,288, it is a great deal.
The Starmobile Play Click is available at Php 1,288 through Smart.

Starmobile Play Click Specs

OSAndroid 5.1 Lollipop
Processor1.2GHz Quad Core ARM Cortex A7
Memory512MB RAM
Storage4GB storage, expandable up to 32GB via microSD
Camera5-megapixel rear camera with flash + 2-megapixel front camera
SIMDual-SIM Regular and Micro
Battery1,650mAh removable battery
PricePHP 1,288

More Photos of the Starmobile Play Click


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