Starting your Tech Career

The month of March is coming to a close. Graduating students have marched, and are looking for jobs – if the jobs haven’t sought them out yet. Some incoming seniors are getting ready for their summer internships (called “OJT” here – but I especially dislike that term since it is wrong.)

Some students have been working on sidelines and rackets to support them through school, or extra cash.

For those new to the workforce, how are you starting your IT career?

For the veterans, how did you begin? Did the choices you make early on affect where you are now?

Some interesting discussions here on PTB:

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  • I’m actually continuing the podcast trascription gig I talked about a while back.

    While it’s still in the start-up phase, I know it has the potential to be big and help out some of our fellow Filipinos in earning a few extra dollars at home.

  • Mon Solo/Techno Pinoy:
    Nice post. Hope we could get all the fresh grads to read it somehow.

    Are you the “podwriter” who posted in the Calling Pinoy Web 2.0 companies thread? I was wondering what happened.

  • mparaz,

    Thanks. There is another post that I hope techies would also read:

    Tech Career Management: It’s not just tech skills.

    Am now working on how grads can survive the tech job interview.

  • jgotangco

    I got lucky to start my career working on an AS400 system. And all the while back then I thought the job sucked.

  • wrencelot

    this is one possible scenario: i am a tech grad, i made a cool app, now how am i gonna sell it..?

  • wrencelot,
    Open a website and market, market, market…

  • Monsolo:

    now the old-school “career sites” (e.g. jobstreet) should feel threatened… bloggers are taking over their mindshare. now to add job listing/search to PTB…


    you can head over to TechCrunch and see how the Web 2.0 guys do it… buzz marketing.


    I have never used AS400 or any mainframe system… but if it’s as strict and confined as I read it is, then I guess you learn discipline? Unlike the freedom of using Unix where you get all the tools for shooting yourself (and your career) in the foot.

  • jgotangco

    blogging is now considered viral marketing (for quite a while actually) as well as social news sites like digg and newsvine begin to pick up from “insider” info

  • If you want to make blogging your career, see Abe’s 5 Types of Probloggers and his interview with PTB member Melissa Atienza-Petri.

  • I’m actually an OJT student, and i always asked my self what’s next?where should i start after graduation?Hmmm..Maybe, posting my resume in the internet.