Still believe in IT Certifications?

Be certified for what exactly? You guys still believe in IT Certifications? Does it assure you to land a better job? Does it promise you a salary increase?

IT Certification alone does not guarantee you anything these days. It’s just the mushrooming IT education industry that’s talking you into getting a class or two.

Still it’s just a plus, an additional line or two in your resume, a couple of extra letters after your name. Yes, they do look good on paper but what if you’re hired for that sole reason and you’re now faced with real-world problems? Kids in India get certifications at the young age of 10 but will big companies hire them for mission-critial projects? I guess not.

A friend once asked me where’s this Phoenix One school in Makati and which course he should enrol into during the week-ends when he’s off from work. I threw out the question to readers of my blog and got mixed reactions.

In this day and age when the Call Center industry is at it’s pinnacle, what else could a DC tech support engineer do to get some more experience out there?

IT Certification and no experience will get you nowhere but IT Certification plus loads of experience is gold.

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  • i had a friend who bugged me about helping him find a medical transcription certification of all things. Turns out he just needs it to help with his Canada immigration application. When I was teaching at a computer school I remember most my students had the same goal as well. It helps convince the immigration authorities you won’t be a bum when you get there.

    Seen in that light, I’d probably get one myself if I was itching to get out of here.

  • The perennial problem faced by job-seekers: They won’t get hired because they don’t have the knowledge, and even if they still do, they wont get hired because they lack experience. Given this situation, what would you do? Initiative comes to mind.

    :: Perfecting the lost art of slothful being.

  • Magsalin

    “IT Certification and no experience will get you nowhere but IT Certification plus loads of experience is gold.”

    I guess that is the point or should I say the buttom line. In the Philippines where most of the companies (foreign or local) apply to have ISO certifications to curb up some corners in saving on manpower cost (specially expensive Techies) to hire people to work on a systematic way. Hire people with little or no training(or atleast computer literate) at all then let them follow the business/IT system at hand and voila!

    But if you are looking beyond our borders, yes, certifications are important because you’ll be competing with international competitors with different standard of education. Starting with CompTIA’s A+ until you reach MCSE or CCIE or what have you. The point is, certification exist to justfy your know how. To prove that you can do what you say you can do. Ofcourse you should mix this with experience.

    It’s just academics, 10 year olds in India? Gosh! Take a certification that is applicable to your career and your job! It will take you further than where you are right now.

  • According to a new whitepaper, smart companies are starving for SEO talent. Where are the certs for that? Certs will always be behind the times; they’re useless for emerging jobs.

  • “Certs will always be behind the times; they’re useless for emerging jobs.”

    True. True.

    The world is changing.

  • Anonymous

    A friend told me Phoenix One is below Salustiana Tower along paseo cor perea. They offer diff. mushrooming courses promising its students certificates afterwards but in the end they don’t.

  • Leventhal

    Certs including those of CCNA and MSCE can now be purchased in Recto. They’re really raking it in. It has severely devalued certain certs.

  • You guys talkin about certifications right..? Certification in IT software or hardware (IT management). But either way, its their portfolio that counts..

  • Certification worked for me. It allowed me to find a job compensating many folds my previous salary – thats because Im the first to be certified here in southeast asia (ZEND)with 5 years of experience.

    Without certification I dont think I could demand for such rate.

    Certification plus expirience is certainly gold.

  • Dennis: I think you could have done better than use an AMD marketing graphic for

  • “Certs will always be behind the times; they’re useless for emerging jobs.”

    While this is certainly true, being certified could signify a person’s willingness to learn and become specialized. Of course, some people would just stop there after getting certification, but we’ll just leave those idiots to their ways.

    “IT Certification alone does not guarantee you anything these days.”

    This is probably true for a lot of certification programs now, but it really depends on where you get the certification from. PHP certification from Zend, for example, is a big thing (as Dennis has pointed out).

  • lonewolf311

    this certificate is not actually applicable in our country… educations and trainings conducted with respect to this IT certifications are just for the lone purpose of those vultures who are thirst with our blood and oil…. yun ngang mga IT nga namin dito, di naman IT grad or wala namang IT certs.. kundi mga engineering grad.. may license pa nga eh!!!

  • jumbz

    how about certs + experience without a college degree?

    if that is feasible, then i’d rather not finish college anymore. if not, i guess i have no other choice.

  • jumbz, visit my site,

    i made that site web 2.0 principle within one week..

    if i can make a site like that out of scratch with no background in webprogramming, can you imagine what you can do if you’ll finish college..?

    and yeah, i have no knowledge in AJAX like two weeks ago..

  • Personally, I believe certs can help you land a job. That is, if coupled with relevant experience. Years ago, I envy people who are certified in my line of work. These days, not anymore. I have interviewed a lot of people who are certified java architects and/or developers. It turns out their certifications doesn’t match their capabilities, as claimed. I am thinking how they managed to obtain certification…? Maybe, crammed their way into it just like the good old college days. 😉

  • anthony

    It will certainly boost your “pogi” points
    to some employers.

  • Solid experience will always beat out education and certification.

  • All things equal, a certification like CCNA or MSCE will at least get you an interview. Businesses are now impatient and it is no longer acceptable that their tech departments delay delivery of solutions because of lack of resources. And businesses are aware that there is a glut of technical resources in the market. So when I look at resumes I will always give priority to those who have achieved some sort of technical certification.

    Will post this into my blog at

    But even if the certification is fake (i.e., purchased at Recto), it will definitely appear in the interview.

    Net-net, if there is one opening in a multinational company, and after the interviews it is down to two candidates, all other things equal, I will recommend the one with certification

  • ramair

    IT CERTIFICATION + experience are top choice OF EVERY COMPANY … P E R I O D

  • Ramair,

    No they are not. Many companies also don’t give much weight on certifications. Personally, I give more weight to the interview.

  • ramair

    Mr. Monsolo,

    That’s right Mr. Monsolo I guest you never read an applicant’s credentials first before you chose the best qualified among many of them just before you make personal Interviews.

  • Ramair,

    I think you are confusing credentials with certifications. I don’t give much weight to certification in the sense that I don’t hire people just because they are “certified.”

    A person can have all the certifications in the world, but if he fails miserably in the interview process, he fails and will not get hired.

    Your statement that “IT CERTIFICATION + experience are top choice OF EVERY COMPANY … P E R I O D” thus is incorrect.

  • ramair


    With due respect to CERTIFIED IT practitioners, “CERTIFIED….”individuals of which I’m refering to are those who received the PROPER training and are self confident, who diligently studied to gain more knowledge, sacrificing their time and effort to be CERTIFIED in their field of work. It’s NON-SENSE and un-professional to discuss about those individuals who may have acquired all kinds of certificates which you have mentioned and posted previously.

    With a larger IT talent pool available, companies selects those who are CERTIFIED, i.e., networking candidates CERTIFIED in Cisco or PC support candidates with an A+ certification are prefered versus those that do not and for the same reason,consulting companies will move certification from the “PLUS” to the “MUST HAVE” skill category prior to joining the firm.

    Being CERTIFIED promotes personal confidence and is a third party validation of skills, allowing a candidate to compete against other non-certified candidates. It often enhances existing skills by exposing candidates to areas that they have not been exposed to through on-the-job training and formal education. Many consulting companies will not place an IT consultant at a customer site until he or she is CERTIFIED and finally managers view certification as a criteria for promotion and view CERTIFIED employees as more productive.

    Therefore the statement “IT CERTIFICATION + experience are top choice OF EVERY COMPANY … P E R I O D ” is obsolutely correct. You may need to review the meaning of the word CREDENTIALS to avoid confusion.You can find its meaning in “C” pages of any available English Dictionary.

  • its true that certification is not really “a requirement” in finding jobs. Having a “certificate” would increase your chances.

    I agree that being “Certified” means you had proper training for the skills you want. This really justify that you know the things you are certified with.

    But still experience will be the main factor when it regards to applying for a job.

  • Certified means, to me, that the person has taken a test and passed it. Certification NEVER means experience. A person can have as many IT certifications as possible, but may never have the experience.

    In my case, I started MirandaSoft (in USA) in 1992. I became A+ Certified and IBM Certified in 1998, WITHOUT studying for the exams.

    In 2005, I tested people who recently got their A+ Certifications to see if they have experience to work per MirandaSoft-requirements. These were Fresh Grads from University of Washington in Seattle. Though my business of MirandaSoft has it’s own certification, I don’t advertise it.

    Now, as of October 2006, I am in Philippines. I recently got married and my business here, is called, MirandaSoft Computer Repair Shop per the DTI permit. I am ready for business and I do home and office visits. It is unfortunate that my expertise level overqualifies me for any IT-related job in Philippines.

    My Business Website:

  • ayla

    i should really say certification + experience can command good salary especially if you are hired by a company that requires certified people (CCNP = 50K/mo, CCIE=80K/mo). i have tons of certifications but nothing beats cisco(CCIE) in the level of difficulty and credibility (in my opinion).
    My advise to new grads, focus on technology, get hired in a company that will give you skills and try certifications.

    again, certification plus experience will definitely give you advantage + good salary.

  • I can think only of a few companies that require Cisco CCIE. And, to get a CCIE you need to practice actual network administration with Cisco gear.

    How about Sun Java certifications: such as SCJP, SCWCD, and SCEA in the Philippines?

  • palaboy

    dog-eats-dog world

  • It was a different story for me. I enrolled myself for a CCNA certification and I was not disapointed as it turn out I acquired more knowledge and skills in networking. If not for CCNA I would be left behind by others and probably wouldn’t improve that much if I only relied on my diploma. Certification however is nothing if you don’t practice it and a lot of schools also have this fake certification so you need to watch out for this!

  • Being certified is not an issue,now this stupid companies especially goverment agencies still looking for I.T certified people. There’s a lot of computer hackers and computer experts out there are not certified but they very good the thing is certifications is very expensive if your only earning 10k a month then thats really shit to get certified.. Sometimes non certified people are more good than who is certified, its piece of toilet paper, for me i don’t you don’t have get all those useless certifications, its how you adopt to a environment and patience for self studying.

  • haripoter

    Well I respect you on what you have just posted regarding IT Certification, besides it’s just your opinion after all. 🙂

    Ok so if you do not believe in IT Certification, do you have any suggestions in your mind on getting an experience in IT world? Do you know any shortcut? 🙂

  • pnoy_n_fla

    Certifications,degrees,what you know,experience, articulation,attitude, and who you know is a not gold it’s a freakin’ bomb. You blow people away of what you have in your IT arsenal.After completing over 2 decades in USAF working in IT field I worked my ass off more than 2x since I’m a minority. I met and worked with people with a yingyang of certifications but they can’t deliver. They just good in testing. Yo, employer watch out who you hire.

  • Texan Blogger

    …it goes well like the 7 OSI layer does.
    we need to stick to the protocol, afterall its the employer’s call not yours. if the company’s protocol, say to require you take some IT certification, as if you have a choice. if your really good at it, show them off what you got, if your good in doing it, i think there is no problem doing it on papers. or should i ask your just to dumb lazyy to read?

    …this aint my first rodeo, better pay attention to where the “CARET ( ^ )” is, because that wont do any good, juh’ think??

  • bhe

    Here in Pinas some company does not require you to have an IT certification, but if you go abroad it will be another story, you could tell the companies that you apply for job, you can tell them I know this and that however if you A1 IT Certification its just a click of a finger

  • jefferson faudan

    I certainly agree with some here… IT certification doesn’t directly certify you as a qualified computer whiz! After all, with all the tools needed on the internet… you can learn everything online with the little help of patience and self-tutorial. After all, there are tons of online hackers who I don’t think had a formal education on PC software.

  • ccie #ASRT521452

    Certs are nothing with no job experience

  • coetsee

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  • ran ban

    experience would help to get a job but certifications will increase your chance to get interviews. ccie routing/switching and/or security or juniper plus experience would put you in a gold mine.

    if you have jncie (juniper certified internetwork expert) and/or ccie r/s & security would give you a rate of 40K pesos up to 150K pesos a day. I’m not joking. I’ve already experienced to earn 40K pesos a day.

    Please see the link below:

    [email protected] [email protected] says:

    Network Architect Salaries for 2010

    Network architect salaries are much higher at the current 2009 market rates. In New York City, due to the shortage of experienced 10year+ network architects, companies are paying on the average of $250,000/yr to $1.2 million/yr on the high end. These positions are considered VP level due to the exposure and importance to the global enterprise. These individuals are responsible for an entire company’s cyberpresence. Companies are spending at a minimum, 6 months or more, unable to find qualified candidates. Recruiters from Chicago proprietary low latency firms, desperate for talent, are launching a bidding war for NYC-based talent as well. As the recession eases and companies look to expand their cyberspace presence, look for these network architect salaries to continue to be on the rise for 2010.

  • masterpipo

    I agree with people here who say that, while certification is not the be-all-end-all of employment, it is a definite plus. My company is pushing for our team’s certification by this quarter and I don’t know what to take. I need some basic certifications for now as the company will be the one paying, but I don’t want to overstudy and leave my work behind. Any thoughts?

    • Normalmode

      Get the basic microsoft certification, the very basic, atleast that certification will tell them you got a microsoft cert and now you are certified and you are not leaving your job behind, because you are only satisfying the companys need for a certified team. been working in the IT playing field for over 10 years now, 34 to be exact, i demand my own salary, but still i need a certification just to satisfy a means to an end thing concept of whatever. freelance works for me better than employment. but its just me, you decide, you have the brains, ayt.

  • ran ban

    you can tell an applicant if he can deliver the job or not. If the person has so many it certification but he couldn’t deliver what he said, it means he used a cheatsheet which you can buy from any cheatsheet or braindump certifications like and just search it from google and type cheat sheet or cisco brain dump.

    regarding fake cisco certification from recto, any certification from cisco can be verified by prospective employer by asking their cisco id and expiration of their certification.

  • tanie wakacje