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Stop crime, use your cameraphone


A cameraphone helped foil a kidnap attempt at Philippine Tourism Authority Secretary Robert Dean Barbers!

I heard about the kidnap attempt in passing, but the report I picked up was that a news *crew* foiled the attempt. But no, it wasn’t a *crew*, it was a just one man with a cameraphone recording the crime.

The fact that the kidnappers were being video-ed was enough to scare the wits out of them. With a cameraphone in their face, they took a run for it like scared dogs.

Ah, this is citizen reportage in its highest form!

You’ve got a lot of guts, Benjie Aclan! A lot of guts and a reliable cameraphone at the right place at the right time.

Mabuhay ka, Benjie Aclan!

On YouTube: Barbers kidnap try actual footage

p.s. on the light side, see a video seconds before the kidnap try ““ Si Manang tawa ng tawa

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  • umm, it might have been a quarrel, not Kidnapping based on this follow-up report on the same website.


    But still. There was gun-pointing

    (and as i’m typing this, wordpress.com went belly-up.)

  • ang tapang nya.

  • It was not kidnapping. It was bunch of local cops versus barbers aides in a road altercation that went haywire because they were all packed with hardware.

  • Ben S. Aclan

    Dear friends;
    I never knew it was Sec. Barbers inside the car when I submitted myself to this as I saw the gun men poked their high powered guns to the crying family. I just realized that I must help the poor victims mindless of what would happen next. Brave? Nah! Concerned and Heartfilled I say. Rewards are skin deep. I am for God’s gifts later. Please save as many people as we can in our own little and simple ways. We don’t need people to witness these, all we have to do is share. Nemo dat quod non habet. You can not give what you do not have. God sees everything even if we hide it, God will make way for others to learn from us. Don’t be afraid to do good things selflessly!

  • what u did is right.now a days i thought no one will dare at all to risk their life to someone they don’t knw.we filipinos are very proud to u Benjie.God bless!

  • Marc;
    Thank you! I appreciate your concern. God bless you too.

  • Benjie the country is proud of you. Your example gives meaning to our heroes sacrifices. To my Bicolano family, you are already a hero. I speak for myself and my kin. I just pray someone would recognize your deeds. Matagal na ito pero natutuwa pa rin akong ulit-uliting panoorin ang video. I just could not believe the courage you demonstrated here. Hanepppp ka talaga sir! A salute to a genuine hero! Keep it up Benjie. Mr. ACLAN!

  • Girlie Sta Anna

    My husband is a military man and I saw him reacted to this issue admiringly. He was particularly interested on Benjie’s bravery aside from the traffic altercation in Batangas. We talked about Mr. Aclan’s act as double sided, either stupid or plain brave. Whatever reason, the circumstance bringsforth one simple truth… Benjie Aclan is a PURE SAMARITAN. Stupid or not, he acted selfless and prepared. My hubby says he can’t face an armed yeilding man, police officer or military or rebel, straight forward in battle because it will be suicide, (on INSTINCT) but if he must, He will. Too late the hero! But Mr. Aclan’s GUTS is something uniquely admirable. Who is this guy anyway?