Subtle Pinoy Humor Insertions in Pixar Films

Here’s what my brother does in his spare time. He looks for Hidden Mickeys on Disney cartoons. Okay, not really. But I guess he looks for interesting stuff in those cartoons, such as insider humor. For instance, considering a lot of Pinoys work for Pixar, they’re bound to leave identifiable or distinguishable features that are notably Pinoy.

In Finding Nemo,

… remember the dentist guy? notice his name. it’s P. Shermann. And his name was constantly repeated in the movie, by Dory. Hmm.. What’s up with the name, and what’s so Filipino about it?

P. Shermann”¦ Peesherman”¦ Feesherman.. Fisherman”¦

What about The Incredibles?

… try to recall the name of the island, the automated aircraft which brought Mr.Incredible to the island mentioned it, if I’m not mistaken.

Nomanisan.. Nomanisan island”¦ No Man Is An Island”¦

Of course, they’re puns. But I would tend to think that only Pinoys could think up this stuff, with our flair for laughing at ourselves for mispronouncing stuff!

There are probably more. It’s easter egg hunting season, everyone! Bring out those Pixar/Disney DVD’s!

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  • Not to be a killjoy but isn’t this the job of a script writer? Andrew Stanton did the story for Finding Nemo and Brad Bird for The Incredibles (according to IMDb).

    P. Shermann does sound fishy though.

  • great post! thanks for sharing this info with us. i’m sure many filipinos like me didn’t even know about the participation or contribution of these filipinos in the said animated movies. P. Sherman is indeed a product of a pinoy sense of humor.

  • @jp maybe one of scriptwriter’s staff was a filipino?

  • Or “ad-libs” perhaps? 🙂 Well, yeah, it’s probably farfetched. I may have jumped the gun and assumed ahead without early verification. But it’s a possibility.

  • Yes but P. Shermann could only be a joke by Filipino.

  • There’s also a bahay kubo in the aquarium in the dentist’s clinic in Finding Nemo. Bahay Kubo care of one of the Pinoy artists. 😉 . Galing ng kabayan!

  • digileet

    WTF? PSherman? Whaahhahahahahhaha ROFL LMFAO.

    MORE!!! More!!! MORE!!!

  • bh

    Haha, that “P. Shermann” is so cool! I agree with digileet, pls post more of those humor insertions! This blog is even included in wikipedia’s reference for “List of Finding Nemo Characters”, kudos!

  • i wouldn’t have noticed that if it weren’t for this post. LOLs. keep it up.