Suggestions to Ploghost

First of all, I appluad the efforts for a totally Filipino-based web hosting company. Web hosting definitely has global visibility, so the more we can compete in this arena, the better for all of us.

Now I know I may be hypocritical (or at the very least, non-nationalistic) because my site is hosted at Dreamhost. Some may wonder why I did not choose ploghost but it may help ploghost to know my reasons:

1. The available tools. I know ploghost, like Dreamhost, has installation scripts of the various tools but it was buried in the forums. And the WordPress was version 1.0.2 when WordPress already had a 2.0 out there. Plus Dreamhost was marketing “one-click installs.” I wasn’t too sure about ploghost’s scripts.

2. Credit card payments (I am after the reward points)

3. Referral rewards

4. Cost. Dreamhost was offering at its cheapest price point ($10/month), 20GB of storage and 1TB (or 1000 GB) of bandwidth. Ploghost, on the other hand, at the same price point, was only offering 500MB storage and 20GB of bandwidth.

I hope plogHost owners take the following points constructively and realize that their competition are web hosting companies all over the world, not just in the Philippines.

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  • Hi Mon,

    To clear things first, I own plogHost. Second, thanks for the feedback.

    1) We do have the 3rd-party one-click install service called Fantastico. We stopped aggresively promoting them because of one basic flaw. It cannot install the scripts in your root directory. The install/uninstall feature only allows for creation and deletion of a subfolder. To compensate for that, we actually help install client’s blog and migrate them from other free-hosted service such as BlogSpot at no additional cost. I am not sure if DreamHost has the same or different feature altogether.

    2) When I founded plogHost 3 years ago, I had the opposite sentiment. Our target was Filipinos who are either uncomfortable with credit card transactions or do not have credit cards at all. That was my original selling point actually. I believe that in this very competitive market with cut-throat pricing, one needs to focus on the vertical and build a solid brand around it.

    3) While I know the benefits of referral rewards, we did not really maintain an active program. IMHO, it is better to get new referrals because the referrer is actually using our service and is satisfied by it and not because the one referring will just get a cut. In the same sense, I think it’s more credible/sincere to refer a service or product when you do not have “personal interest” in it.

    4) I want to draw the line between a “cheap” service and an “affordable” one. While DreamHost may be cheaper on a byte-per-byte basis, they are still not that affordable. Our lowest package of $1.50/month plan is way more “affordable” than their dirt-cheap $7.95. Not many bloggers need 1 Terabyte of bandwidth.

    Some of my reasons here might seem technologically-backward but this backward approach allowed us to survive profitably for years.

    We do recognize that the web hosting industry is a vicous market and we cannot be everything for everyone. As a matter of fact, we sometimes refer DreamHost to clients we can no longer service and no we don’t get a cut from Dreamhost for referring them.

    Thanks again for your insight and feedback.

  • Yuga,

    Great response. And it has enlightened me on your business model. I hope you will add the credit card feature—just to give the customers the choice.

    More power to you!

  • Being in the same line of business, I understand the ploghost business model. See I also serve the local and global markets.

    1.Fantastico can really be buggy. I still recommend manual installation. CHMOD problems can also occur with these one click installs.

    2. There are still a lot of people who are not comfortable sending their credit card information in the internet. Yes even in the states. Sometimes they send their payments via western union or check.

    3. Dreamhost offer is true but can be very misleading. Yes they can offer that much space but can one really reach that much ? Read the fine print of CPU usage. Even if you use a minute amount of space but if it causes a CPU or database overload, your site could get suspended. There are rave reviews as well as complaints about their uptime and reliability. It depends on which server you are placed.

  • Let me turn the situation around. I understand that ploghost offers the cheapest packages. But once we get to the price point of P500, the paradigm shifts. If my needs go close to the 500 MB space, 20GB bandwidth domain, it would be better to go to the competition because for the same price, I could get better space/bandwidth.

    My thinking is a little broader: Philippines should be able to compete with the big boys in terms of web hosting. No reason why we can’t.

  • Though I don’t want to go into the issue of “overselling”, that’s practically the reason why DreamHost is able to sell at that price point.

    Actual bandwidth cost of 1TB is nowhere near $10. It actually retails to around $100 to $125 per terabyte.

    They offer you 1 TB but if you only consume 1GB, they will resell the rest of the 999GB to others.

    Basically, they can sell 100 accounts at $7.95 each but may only actually use up 10GB of bandwidth per account. At the end of the month, they earned $795 on all 100 accounts and only actually used up 1,000GB.

    But what happens if all of these accounts completely use up their allocated resources? You’d end up like Wowowee.

    To prove this, we need to top up and go into one of their dedicated servers:

    60GB space and 4,000GB bandwidth for $150 per month.

    Just how many $7.95 (20GB/1TB) can you really put in there? Common sense will say just 3 right (for a total of $23.85)? But they don’t just put 3 there. I think they’ll have to put in around 20 of these $7.95 in order to break even with the dedicated server’s cost.

    And in order to significantly profit, they’ll need to at least double or triple that number of accounts cramped into a single server.

    That means they are overselling their resources by as much as 40 to 60 times their actual capacity.

    I have to give it to them though, they handled the “overselling” strategy-risk mix quite well.

  • wrencelot

    i was actually thinking of switching my host from (name withheld) to ploghost because my current provider have a very bad customer service relation and they overcharge me twice which i find it very inconveniencing.. but after reading this post by mon i was like, wow i should switch to dreamhost instead!

    but after looking to dreamhost website, i decided not to.. i dnt have enough money to prepay the 1 or 2 year term just to avail the plan im not sure if i can consume.. and even if i do, i would rather put my money somewhere else..

    ploghost might want to take advantage of’s offering, using xoom service ploghost can now accept visa, mastercards, checks, and even paypal transfers from the US, Canada, and the UK.. (some restrictions apply though)

    customer service.. i am really after the customer service..

  • wrencelot:

    We used to offer direct Paypal payments but you might already know why we discontinued it.

    We’ve been using Xoom for over a year now actually since it supports Paypal and CC payments.

    Thanks again to you and Mon for bringing this up. I guess it’s a matter of re-writing our website’s copy to highlight the most important information.

  • yuga,

    why’d you stopped paypal btw again?

  • Too many fake orders from South East Asia.

  • wrencelot

    of all the hosting ive get to have a glimpse on, ploghost is the only one who have sales tax.. yehey for the philippines government..

    however, when i enetered an order they sent me right away a confirmation but when i asked for an invoice and an official receipt, after 18hours i havent heard a word from them.. me as a person can wait, but my site cant.. today my current provider took my site online after they refunded my money eventhough i am paid until april 13 06.. f*ckers..

    yuga, you might want to re assess your business strategy.. input taxes is good if you have output taxes..

  • Hay naku! This host company is so bad! I know because I am having a nightmare right now with them! They answer to support tickets very slowly, and the problem recurs. Arrgh!

  • what is this post so nega? di ba ang owner nitong site is also the one who owns ploghost? pano nangyari na kinicriticize ang own business?

  • Hello, Im just starting up my blog.. is ploghost really ok? i mean how do they address their performance as of today 2008? Na upgrade na ba nilayung servers nila??

  • Ploghost services sucks! My website and some 200 other websites are down since Saturday and until now, they haven’t resolved the issue. Their servers collapse without prior notice and they do not even have a back up or temporary server so that sites that were affected will work while they are fixing the issue. I thought Ploghost is the best web hosting in the Philippines, I trusted them but they failed me and some other bloggers and website owners who are experiencing the same fate. Their tech support is not available on weekends and I think they only have one tech person to answer all complaints and queries. I have never been so upset in my whole life.

  • ploghost sucks

    Sino niloko mo Olandres a.k.a Yugatech? 4 days kayo bago magreply sa invoice nyo. ngayon lang ako nakranas ng wlang kwentang hosting. at isa pa ikaw ang may ari ng db? ano to? kinakausap mo sarili mo? ang penget ng service nyo at sobrang mahal pa. ayusin mo nalang service nyo. wag kana manloko ng tao.

  • basil

    bulok support ng ploghost

  • This post was last year…kamusta na kaya ngaun ang ploghost? Akala ko ang yuhatech yung kay yuga? pati ba tong blog na to?

    Are there reliable hosts here in the Philippines?Yung tumatanggap ng monthly payments..yung iba ksi may monthly price pero you’ll be paying them for 6/12/24 months. ang mahal…

  • oo nga ok na kaya ang ploghost? naghahanap din kasi ako ng murang hosting..

  • Alex

    1. sux big time.

    2. unsecured servers. my site was attacked by pishing sites…

    3. poor tech support.. i mean NO TECH SUPPORT at all ?

    4. one thing lang sila mabilis… ang mag remind sa billing mo..