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Sulit App now available on the iOS, Android version coming soon

If you’re the type of person who does a lot of transaction on Sulit, the country’s top online classified ads, then you know how important it is to be near a computer most of the time to reply to messages, check comments, or even just to post an ad immediately. Now you can easily do that with the Sulit.com.ph App for the iPhone, iPod touch, and the iPad which was just released last week.


With the Sulit.com.ph iOS app, you can post ads wherever you are. Use your phone to enter your ad details, and take photos of your product and immediately upload it. No need to copy the photo to your PC and upload it to your ad. You can see your ad in Sulit.com.ph listings within minutes wherever you are.

You can also access your Inbox from within the app and read and reply to your Private Messages to keep in touch with prospective buyers and with fellow sellers.

And finally, you can search through Sulit.com.ph’s listings to find what you’re looking for within a few taps. Pretty useful if you’re at a mall and want to compare a price of a certain product with those from Sulit sellers.

The Sulit.com.ph iOS App is a handy tool for heavy Sulit users. When asked about an Android version, company reps said it’s in the works and will be available really soon.

Meanwhile, Sulit is going to invade your TV set with the launching of their first ever TV commercial.

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  • Carl

    Cool! sana ang TipidPC at TipidCP meron din hehe

    • Pare try to upload pics on website!! even the instructions are outdated and not working!!!!


      test and try before implementing changes!!!
      Ang tanga nag mga techy nyo!!!!! BUYSIT.com!!!!

  • It’s an iPhone and iPod Touch app, but not optimized for iPad. Sometimes you have to be specific with that specification, and not mislead your readers.

    • yeah, should’ve put compatible with the ipad instead. it would be nice or even better if may ipad version din no?

  • Marjorie

    wow amazing 🙂 baka lahat na ng site magkaroon ng apps hahahahaha pano nalang kaya ang games and other apps 😛 wala lang

  • Rol

    I agree with the comments above it is better if optimized for iPad. I thought it was for iPad application but I was disappointed when I downloaded it. Hope iPad will have its version later anyways kudos to the developer of the software.