“Away o Gulo” Easter Egg, one of the biggest online and trading site in the country outs an Easter egg on their site as the boss is currently away on a meeting in Hong Kong.

The search tagline of Sulit is “œAnong hanap mo?” and being Pinoys, you know what usually comes next – “œAway o Gulo?”


So what happens when you use “œaway”, “œgulo”, or “œdestroy” as your search term? A hand-drawn fighting plane appears which you can control using your arrow keys. Pressing space bar will shoot lasers off its wings destroying the contents on your screen.

That’s not all. You can also submit your score, earn achievements, or change ships. Pretty cool huh?

Go ahead and try it now. Visit and search for “œaway”, “œgulo” or “œdestroy” and have fun destroying the site.

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  • Neil

    Nice find! Sino nakahanap niyan?

  • JmBalicano

    I couldn’t get it to work on Firefox, Chrome, and heck even Internet Explorer at first. Then I just clicked on the link in the article and it’s been working ever since.


  • thejorlanb


  • Griswold

    astig!! meron pa rin till now. wala pa rin ata si boss or di pa alam ng boss.

  • galing……

  • Leroy Fodor


    The response of this support team is horrible. Here is where someone did the less to an admin than george teodoro has done to a few members and was instantly suspended, Please keep in mind George Teodoro did these same actions against me and another member and did not get suspended.


    Our Support Team has responded to your Support Ticket – Respect the privacy of other people. Don’t giv…:

    Hi! Leroy,

    This issue has been discussed, kindly refer to the provided a resolution about this issue I have sent you via Private Message.
    Regarding Kevinjoegarlitos account, Jcrisostomo filed a feedback dispute regarding the negative feedback and the Support Officer
    who handled and reviewed the account of Kevinjoegarlitos found that this account was only use to give negative feedback to different
    members and was considered as an account created only to ruin other member by abusing our feedback feature.


    ABUSING THE FEEDBACK FEATURE, was an instand suspension, but its ok to have 3 accounts, abuse the feedback feature by giving false negative feedback on other members, as well as giving yourself positive feedback to raise your rating score, that isn ok if you pay to be sulit checked, and have sulit gold. So as you can see they only enforce their rules when it is convenient to them. not to members who may get scammed.

    And farther more the feedbak Teodoro has on his account from yackee26 is false, as he teodoro gave yackee26 positive feedback in return, now look closely and notice yackee26 got the same feedback on the same item, how is that possible. Did he sell that mountain bike to 2 people. You better wake up admins and owners, you are being played like a piano and singing teodoros tune as loudly as you can.

    It is sad that the Sulit Checked system, and the feedback feature can not be trusted with your site,
    You have overstepped your boundaries as a sales website, you allow users to abuse the fundamental tools we as members use to decide if a member is trustworthy, by allowing actions like this to go unpunished you have ruined those tools for everyone. To defend this immoral member who has repeatedly abused every fundamental rule in your system, you have proven the Sulit website untrustworthy. Congratulations Sulit, you showed your true colors, selfishness, and no care for your members unless they pay you money.

    We hope that this conflict subside and to see you both share a healthy discussion on our community Forum
    and closing a good deal using opur website

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