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Sun.Star Blog Chronicles Launch & the First J Spotter Podcast

The Sun.Star Blog Chronicles, the Sun.Star Network’s blog about blogs and blogging, is formally launching today in Cebu.

As one of the blogger-contributors, I had been requested to come up with a podcast on blog marketing. Check out the first ever episode of the J Spotter podcast here. This is a seven-minute audio on the basics of business blogging.

In drunken stupor and amid a raging cold, I recorded and mixed the audio from midnight to 4 a.m. of October 24, 2005 using Audacity, and then encoded to 128kbps (CD-Quality) MP3 using the LAME MP3 Encoder. I then converted into Windows Media Audio (WMA) 64kbps (CD-quality) and then 32kbps (Low quality) to bring down the file size to half and 1/4 of the original MP3, which was about 7 megabytes.

I’m still working on making my J Spot RSS feed podcast-compatible thru Feedburner; I’m just facing some minor issues in the how my own site outputs the XML code, hence Feedburner won’t detect my audio feed as an enclosure. For the meantime, check out feeds.feedburner.com/TheJSpotter for my J Spotter blog/audio feed.

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