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Super Mario Run Might Get a Price Cut For Android Release

Super Mario Run came out for iOS about a week ago to a mix of reactions, with many upset about the premium price for the game. Analysts, additionally, predict that it might not build enough momentum for a 2017 Android Launch.


Nintendo doesn’t seem to be worried, though, as Super Mario Run has already been downloaded over 40 million times, which exceeds company expectations. Super Mario Run, therefore, might still be able to build a decent amount of anticipation before it moves to Android. Meanwhile, Nintendo has yet to reveal a release date for its Android version.

Thankfully, some experts believe that Android users may not need to pay as much for it. Specifically, Joost van Dreunen, CEO of SuperData Research, sees Nintendo’s current mobile strategy as parallel to that of a traditional wide release strategy. What this means is that the company launches a game or a product, create buzz about it, and then charge a premium price.  Once a long enough time passes, that price will lower.


The USD 9.99 price for Super Mario Run has been a point of criticism for the game, but download numbers say otherwise. It’s especially important  to note that these downloads are solely from iOS users, who statistically are willing to spend more money on apps.

Moving forward, Nintendo will have to adjust its strategy to attract Android users. A new gaming mode and new items already serve as proof that Nintendo is willing to take a different angle. Overall, Joost van Dreunen expects that the Japanese gaming giant will experiment with various methods in order to keep the product fresh.

On a final note, Joost stresses the importance of appealing to the Android market, especially in Asian markets. This is because for every iOS user spending money on apps, there are two Android users making purchases as well.



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