Superlux HD386 Series In-Ear Headphones Review

Superlux, known for their high-quality yet super-affordable audio products, recently sent us a super luxurious experience with their HD386 Series In-Ear Headphones. Read below to see what this pair of cans can offer potential buyers.

Superlux HD386 1

This in-ear headphones came encased with a small box, displaying the product image in front and a brief list of specifications at the back. Typical for most in-ear packages, this Superlux set comes with additional two pairs of buds.

As advertised in the front display, the headphones comes with a plastic durable case which conveniently holds the product, something great for commuters and frequent travelers. What’s great about it is you can also use the case for another set, or fit in two sets of headphones, if you are the type of user who carries backup sets.

Superlux HD386 2

The cable is 1.2 meters in length, starting with the 3.5 millimeter L shaped jack, and a sliding adjuster proximal to the headphones for your tangle-free needs. You can easily determine the right side with its large red circular label, as opposed to the left side’s black one. The buds fit tightly assuring the user a stable and slip-free experience.


Superlux HD386 3

Using the HD386 gave me a comfortable and lightweight experience. It really depends on your bud-size preference though, as it is usually is the basis for a comfortable and slip-free usage. The headphones gave me no problems as I used it for commuting, and workout. Jogging and sprinting with it forced me to use a clip (not included) to attach the cord to my clothing since I did not really like the hassle of being distracted. The sound isolation is also great, especially for noisy canteens and lunch areas.

Sound Quality

To test the HD386, I used different tracks and sound testers to see how far it can go on my iPod Classic, and PC. I used a wide variety of tracks, such as The Pharm’s Time is Blind; Pasta Groove’s SOLM8; and Talksic Ways’ Dead Fish and Snake Eyes. I can say that I definitely enjoyed the listening experience more, compared to my previous entry level in-ear headphones from Sony, and Philips. Aside from these tracks, I also tested different favorites like Gloc9’s Hari Ng Tondo, and Salarin; Kanye West’s Clique, and Mercy; Yelawolf’s Hard White; Paramore’s In The Mourning; Linkin Park’s Lost In The Echo; and Birdy’s Skinny Love. Most of the details through all tracks were clear and definite, as well as the bassline for different hip-hop and electronica tracks. The bass kept its significance in most hip-hop tracks, not too powerful and not too soft, just right for different equalizer presets.

I also tested the HD386 for FPS gaming. The surround sound clearly gave me reference to different ambient and positional sounds in-game, an advantage in survival and deathmatch games such as DayZ and Counter-Strike.


For both the casual and the detail-obsessed user, the HD386 is definitely a good purchase for an in-ear worth just Php695. I would recommend these impressive-for-its-price in-ear headphones to those who enjoy a wide variety of music, as well as gamers who need something multi-purpose and budget-friendly.

Superlux HD386 4

You can buy your Suplerux HD386 (as well as other Superlux products) online at You can also audition them at Egghead, Robinsons Galleria.

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  • Griswold

    I had this before but gave it away. am not comfortable with the shape of the driver pero ok yung sounds!

  • Greg

    You clearly have no fucking idea how to review audio gear. Don’t even bother next time.

    You should visit Head-Fi some time.

  • Headfi

    To pinoytechblog:

    Please don’t assign or allow your people to do a review of something they DO NOT have a firm understanding with.

    Review such as this ruins your credibility.

  • Gabriel MIranda

    I know you can't really complain when the price is that low, especially me since I bought it for even lower than the srp, but I found the bass VERY lacking. On another note, vocals are great on these but they're the in your head kind. A very great earphone all in all for the price.