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Superlux HD661 Headphones Review

The perfect balance between price and quality is always one of a consumer’s top priorities. Superlux has been known for their great looking, great sounding headphones that are very wallet-friendly. We’re here to review the Superlux HD661 Professional Monitoring Headphones.

Superlux HD661 1

The package is a simple box with a window so you can see what color you’re getting. The HD661 is available in a variety colors from the classic piano black to hot pink, to orange, purple, blue, white. We got the hot pink one because, “ang tunay na lalaki, nagpipink”. Underneath you can read some of the phones’ specifications.

Superlux HD661

Opening the package presents you the headphone comfortable atop a red velvet pouch, with the instructions, one 1m cable, one 3m cable and a 3.5 to 6.3mm adapter.


Holding the HD661 in your hand doesn’t feel cheap at all despite everything being plastic. For the price, this sure beats any headphoneSuperlux HD661 3 in its price range when it comes to build quality. The earcups are very comfortable to wear for very long periods of time and doesn’t heat up as much, or maybe it’s just the cold weather we’re experiencing. But nonetheless, gives you great comfort while listening to long tracks or movies. Not a fan of the embossed chrome brand text on glossy paint though.

Superlux HD661 4

If you’ll notice, instead of having a female plug for a standard male-male wire, the HD661 has a teeny male plug sticking out of its left earcup and uses a male-female cable instead. I love the idea of having removable cables since it’s easier to buy a new cable than having to go the service center and have your malfunctioning 3.5mm plug replaced.

Superlux HD661 5

The headband is rather unconventional; since you can’t adjust it, make sure that you try it out first before getting one. It assumes that you have a normal-sized head and the adjustments are pretty limited to how the “œwing” extends. The clamping force gives you enough tension for the music to not leak and for the headphones to sit comfortable on your head.

Sound Quality

I was able to play different genres on this headphones and I must say, that this one really shines in vocal heavy tracks. Having a closed-back design, the HD661 doesn’t have that much soundstage, but it gives you this tight, bright sound quality without much leaking. The bass is not too loud but gives that thump subtly in the background of songs creating a balanced environment. Not for bassheads that want to feel the wub wub wub in their temple.

Like I said, these cans deliver in vocal heavy tracks. Listening to Nina Sings the Hits of Diane Warren was a delight and also, Sitti’s Café Bossa album. The highs cut through the mids, which makes that fuzzy feeling run through your spine. Listening to rock albums as well, the separation of the voice and the band really sets the stage for an awesome listening experience.


If you’re looking for nice headphones and are cutting costs, the Superlux HD661 is just one of the choices that Superlux has given you in their already established budget line. If you’re looking for a balanced, which favors the vocals of your favorite artists more, the HD661 might just be the perfect headphone for you.

You can buy your Suplerux HD661 (as well as other Superlux products) online at xtcwarehouse.multiply.com. You can also audition them at Egghead, Robinsons Galleria.


  • Design: Dynamic, Circumaural, Closed-back
  • Driver: 40mm, neodymium
  • Sensitivity: 102 dB SPL
  • Freq Response: 10hz ““ 20khz
  • Maximum input power: 200mW
  • Impedance: 68 ohms
  • SRP: Php1,990
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  • Griswold

    i had one of these and i agree that it’s really cheap for the sound quality you’re getting. i had to give it away though kasi di talaga kaya ng ulo ko yung fit pag matagal na. sukat niyo muna before buying.

  • Nice set of headphones but i think the cable could still break at the base of the ear piece maybe a male to a male lead would be better and have a socket in the bottom of the earpiece.

  • very cheap Superlux HD661 only available @vincent maestro online shop