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Supreme Court of the Philippines joins Facebook & Twitter

Like your fave gadgets, celebrities, organization and the likes. Our very own Supreme Court can now be found in Facebook and Twitter!

Would you ever imagine Chief Justice Renato Corona updating his page on Facebook? Or tweeting his itineraries for the day? Maybe not, but the highest judicial branch in the land in its objective to reach the online community, recently joined social networking sites Facebook and Twitter!width="450"

Welcome to Facebook, your Honors! Here’s the link to their Facebook page, or simply search “Supreme Court of the Philippines” from Facebook. There are now almost 1,500 members since they launched it last week.

The page features former and current Supreme Court Justices. The first ever SC is Cayetano L. Arellano, who served from 1901 to 1920. Our current SC is Renato Corona who was controversially appointed by then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Be a fan and get updates from our Justice System.

I wonder though who makes the updates? I’m sure its not one of the senior Justices. If there’s one Justice who’s techie enough, I have to say it’s Justice Midas Marquez who is the spokesperson and one of the youngest lawyers in the Supreme Court.

You can also follow them on their Twitter account which is Twitter.com/KorteSuprema.

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  • denisexy

    The House of Representatives also has an official Facebook page. No Twitter though.

    • jose buenaventura flores

      SPONTANEOUS GENERATION (Posted in Online Community of Lawyers and Law Students) Affidavit of Loss That I am presently an employee of the Supreme Court stationed at Branch 120 of the Regional Trial Court of Caloocan as Court Legal Researcher . That as such employee,I am aware that I am entitled to an additional fringe benefit in the amount of 4,000 pesos,in addition to two other checks received by our office while I was on paternity leave.That this morning I was told by our Branch Clerk Atty. Shiela Cindy Masangque that she has already given me such check, Land Bank Check No# 95396 per available voucher. That contrary to the aforementioned declaration, I have not received, Land Bank Check No# 95396, and that the envelope supposedly containing three checks, which I tore and threw in the garbage can, contained only two checks. That since I am in dire need of money as my wife has given birth to our second child a couple of weeks back, I have resolved to shoulder the expense of reporting the loss of said check and working for its replacement. December 28,2006 HON. REYNATO S. PUNO Chief Justice Supreme Court Your Honor, In the morning of December 19, 2006, my additional fringe benefits represented by Land Bank Check Number 95396, in the amount of 4,000 pesos turned itself out in my “locked” drawer. Curiously, a volunteer witness, the by design, our almost Officer In Charge for life, recited repeatedly like a mantra , “Same envelop, same envelop…” shades of Ms. Mauritius, without the benefit of a prior examination. Oh I See!.Brings back to mind elementary science and the discredited theory of spontaneous generation, the example given was obviously for the purpose of easy recall, maggots turning out from a decomposing rat inside a locked cabinet. Mr. Benjamin Franklin on the other hand, made an astonishing discovery quite by accident, I made mine in the same fashion, my “locked” drawers are so only in a limited sense. there is a recognition in our statute books as early, I believe as the first day of January nineteen hundred and thirty two of “locked” drawers not being so, when mere possession of pick locks was criminalized.In my search for the once upon a time missing check, I carried the scientific method , one step further,before the lights went out , I diligently and methodically searched my 18 x 18 x 4 inches drawer; turning the same inside out, upside down, over and over.Your Honor, even as the check, Voila!!! materialized into existence, i was informed that the land Bank has been alarmed about its impaired negotiability. It is presently in my safekeeping pending instructions from the checks and disbursements office and the issuance of the replacement check, mind not the expense attendant to its recovery. The prompt action on the matter will be a great relief. The recovery of the missing check does not in anyway guarantee the non recurrence of the violation of the sanctity of the temples of justice, but an investigation of the incident might be enough to send a clear message to those who might be minded to impose upon us an ersatz system, that justice will be served somehow ,someway in its course.The infidelity may of course be dismissed as trivial , but such a view finds no jurisprudential support, on the contrary,such a check before its delivery to the proper payee, are considered public funds. Dishonesty perse is a grave offense, more so whenever public funds are involved.May I digress a bit to ask if I maybe furnish please, the Supreme Court’s most tightly guarded classified document, a copy of the November 9, 2006 Decision by the Honorable Chairmen of the Divisions , denying my Protest to the appointment of the branch clerk. I heard somebody mockingly said, ‘TATANDA NG LEGAL RESEARCHER YANG ABOGADO NA YAN” or words to that effect, in the English language,that would roughly be “THE LONGEST SERVING LAWYER/LEGAL RESEARCHER 2”, something I ignored, thinking that the thug was asked to get my goat, anticipating perhaps a reaction on my part that will have an adverse effect on my psycho-social attribute or personality trait, which they hope to utilize as a ground for the denial of my Protest. “THE LONGEST SERVING LAWYER/LEGAL RESEARCHER 2”, an indictment of the system, or a compliment?,time will tell , meanwhile another year is added to this personal milestone or a record breaking feat. Hoping for your prompt and favorable action. respectfully, Atty. Jose B. Flores Legal Researcher 2 RTC Br 120 Kalookan

    • jose buenaventura flores

      STUDENTS December 23, 2007

      Hon. Isagani A. Cruz
      Associate Justice (ret)
      Supreme Court

      Your Honor,

      I read with great interest your December 16, 2007 column, “My Remembered Old Manila”, I felt somehow that the sequel will be entitled,my remembered Old Supreme Court. I read in your books the ratification cases, Salongga vs Pano, Ilagan vs Enrile;PDA PCA, ASSO,I was full of regret, not being a lawyer then, they were I thought missed opportunities. Be careful they say about what you wished for :

      1. The Supreme Court has not taken definite action regarding my complaint against an OCAD employee (please see attached letters dated August 28, 2007 and November 9, 2007.

      2. The Protest on the “Unsatisfactory” rating for the first rating period of 2006 remains unresolved (please see attached letter dated October 29, 2007)

      3. A co-employee continuous to harass me despite the matter having been brought to the attention of the Honorable Chief Justice.

      4. A moral issue needs to be resolved by the Supreme Court, whether or not the so called “November 9,2006 Decision” as a matter of fact exist?. The Supreme Court found meritorious reasons and reverses itself in the Maysilo estate case

      If the “November 9, 2006 Decision”is finally found to be spurious, will its beneficiary, the present branch clerk of court/Protestee still have the right to hold to the position , will the present possessors of lot claimed under the spurious land titles , continue to enjoy the the fruits of what has been described in the news papers as a fraud or scam practiced upon the Supreme Court?

      Our branch has the distinction of having one of its unresolved cases , the first of the Maysilo Estate cases, C-424, filed sometime in the 70s or was it in the 60s , two of our judges were dismissed from the service, and of course , the distinction shared by the whole of the judiciary, of having in its plantilla, ” the longest serving lawyer/Legal Researcher 2.

      I am aware that there is no appeal from the decision of the Honorable Chairmen of the Divisions,even from one I suppose which simply says that judgment is rendered in favor of X against y , or one which is patently without basis in fact and in law.

      Still I pray that I be furnished the “November 9, 2006 Decision”on the merits of my Protest .

      It has been said that more than the purpose of appeal, a party needs to be assured that the judgment was reached through the process of legal reasoning.


  • atty midas marquez is the clerk of court. not an associate justice. 🙂

    • jose buenaventura flores

      I am Atty. Jose B. Flores, the longest serving Lawyer/Legal Researcher II. I owe to three Chief Justices and one Senior Justice the distinction I now enjoy. Something which I doubt could be considered as the highpoint in one’s career as a magistrate of the High Court.
      I have been the Court Legal Researcher II, of RTC Branch 120 of Kalookan since 1996 up to the present; I passed the 2001 Bar Examinations. I am now a lawyer with a monthly take home pay of about 12 thousand pesos.
      I have been bypassed in promotional appointment in favor of an outsider, and even in the designation as an officer in charge in favor of an officemate who to date has not passed any civil service examinations, and who was appointed at a time when the immediate supervisor was a relative.
      IS THIS AN INDICTMENT OF THE SYSTEM? One of the main characteristics of the civil service is career advancement based obviously on merit and fitness, determined principally through a system of rating performance. Observe that it is only in the Judiciary, among the many offices of the government , where a higher professional achievement like passing the Bar examinations does not deserve a merit, my guess is , the “founding fathers” might have thought that it would be absurd to make the same explicit .
      The present rating system in reality subverts the Constitutional policy since a “satisfactory” rating disqualifies a next in rank, an outsider, who could be somebody’s protégée is better situated. A rating system which relies heavily on the subjectively determined behavioral dimension, bereft of specific acts, misdeeds, or quotas and employing no definite standard.
      On the other hand, a Protest to the appointment of a court employee is ultimately decided by the Chairmen of the Divisions, for the period relevant to my case, I believe the Chief Justice was one of them. The Decision according to the Rules is final, but not one I suppose which is void and timely objected to. The Protest to the Appointment I filed was Denied by the “Court” on November 9, 2006, allegedly under Board Resolution No. 33C-2006. In a mere “letter” addressed to the Protestant the Court Administrator stressed, that the Protest to the Appointment was Denied on the following grounds; 1. The Protestant obtained “Unsatisfactory” performance rating. (But the Protest thereon [Protest to the Performance Rating to be distinguished from Protest to the Appointment of a Court Employee] remains unresolved in the Supreme Court up to the present) 2. “… more so, because the Court found Protestee to be more competent and qualified in terms of psycho social attributes, personality traits ,and potentials supported by the favorable recommendations of the of the Acting Presiding Judge and the Executive Judge”. The quoted part readily indicates that the “Decision” is beyond the category of denial or refusal of due course of a petition for review or a motion for reconsideration, but more in the league of full blown decisions.
      What jurisprudential value does the “Decision” have? WAS THE COURT MISLED? What methodology the experts utilized to identify and evaluate the alleged psycho-social attributes and personality traits and in making a comparative analysis of the data?, or was the conclusion arrived at on the basis of the totality of the evidence presented ?
      The Court Administrator declared that it will no longer entertain any request from Atty. Flores in this regard, has the sub judice rule become inapplicable? Your time as a Chief Justice is over, you have cemented your place in history, but the anomaly perpetrated long before your appointment as Chief Justice, and which you unwittingly perpetuated during your time as the Chief magistrate, starts to crack your place in history from the inside, the longer it take for us to put an end to this absurdity, the graver becomes the responsibility of the perpetrators and the perpetuators. There is still time for us to expose those who caused the evil caused, the machination employed upon all of us, time enough to identify those who manipulated us, those who placed rubbish in the foundation of your monument. Respectfully. (Visit Online Community of Law Students)

  • sorry he’s the court admin pals

    • jose buenaventura flores

      BENCHMARK (Posted on ONLINE COMMUNITY OF LAWYERS AND LAW STUDENTS) August 7, 2007 Hon. Reynato S. Puno Chief Justice Supreme Court. Your Honor, I lost my payslip for the month of July, mea culpa. Today at the Accounting Division of the Supreme Court, I was politely informed that my application for PAG-IBIG multi-purpose loan cannot be accepted, without the said payslip, or in lieu thereof the photocopy of the payroll, which I was further told is already in our office in Kalookan. I am glad that I am not stationed at the Kalayaan Islands. I asked if I can be issued a copy of the Supreme Court records, the reply was, that their office does not retain a copy .This is a benchmark in accounting and in bookkeeping. I cannot imagine the Supreme Court not keeping a copy of the payslip of their employees ,or at least the payroll. There must be some reason for the policy, it was intended probably to discourage if not to make life difficult for those who might be minded to commit acts of falsification. No Record, therefore,No Falsification, makes sense?,hardly. This is diametrically opposed to the policy of government offices of certifying as true copies, documents copied from their records. The certification by the custodian attests to their authenticity. What about those who have legitimate needs for copies of these records?.I am sure that there is always a responsible officer , duty bound to certify these copies. If the Supreme Court issued ID is not proof enough, of the right to obtain copies of the records, is not the presence of the person concerned himself assurance enough that the information are personal to him.A professor in the Law School used to say that, indeed common sense is a sense which is not so common. It makes sense I think. My point is we do not get rid of the mouse by burning the house.If anybody can find somebody who should be more gravely concerned, than me then I will rest my case. I was charged of obtaining a loan, a fictitious one, a common happenstance?, it was supposedly obtained during the existence of a legal impediment , a benchmark for the Supreme Court, a second fictitious loan, again during the existence of the same impediment, benchmark once more for the Supreme Court, another loan on another date under similar circumstances, well, benchmark for the Supreme Court . The reimbursement check was issued to me after my Letter saw print in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. So when the legal impediment ceased to exist, I applied for a loan, together with two of my officemates, theirs were released after three days,my three days came and went, days became weeks, weeks became months, then I observed the one year anniversary of the pend ency of my loan application , then I started counting days again,until, it was approved in a less than two years, when Chief Justice Davide himself complained that somebody messed up his own records. I wrote the Chief Justice asking practically, can I also be displeased?. If it were a curse, I would say benchmark Supreme Court! . When I became eligible I applied for a renewal, what do you know, after sometime the GSIS returned to me my application, because the Records Custodian of the Supreme Court found for the first time, that there is a legal impediment to my contracting such loan, at a time when such impediment no longer existed, benchmark galore for the Supreme Court, as if benchmarks make one Supreme The name of the official organ, Benchmark should be retained, it is a curious name, it makes us self conscious and do some soul searching, it reminds us of our limitations, our feats and misses, until the next shower of benchmarks, more power and GOD Bless. Respectfully, Atty. Jose B. Flores RTC Kalookan..

    • jose buenaventura flores

      LOOKING THE OTHER WAY (posted on ONLINE COMMUNITY OF LAWYERS AND LAW STUDENTS) August 28, 2007 Hon. Reynato S. Puno Chief Justice Supreme Court Your Honor, I received a copy of your Endorsement dated 10 August 2007, unfortunately, it is a case of too little too late, because in the afternoon of that fateful day, 7th of August 2007, the Supreme Court official concerned allowed me to photocopy the payroll for the latter part of July. IT WAS WITH HER ALL THE TIME this after she made me realized that the wages of loosing a pay slip, she had to tell me that the payroll is already in our office in Caloocan, that I have to photocopy the same. I braved the rain and went back to Caloocan to do exactly as she instructed me to do. The whether was uncooperative, the rain was punishing. I ran to the ATM five blocks away, to withdraw a little from my barely maintaining balance, for my fare. I did say Good Morning, to the said Supreme Court official, the conventional thinking was moods, are affected by the whether, global warming proves the opposite, the savants are right. Arriving at the Supreme Court, I presented the copy of the payroll. My loan application was again rejected, the reason she said was that payroll for the latter part of July is what I should have photocopied. I politely reasoned that she did not tell me so, she rationalized that I did not asked her so. I asked for forgiveness, I read her right, she pulled opened her drawer, then took out the payroll which I needed to photocopy, nonchalantly gave it to me, outside, the whether was uncooperative, the rain was punishing. The list of officials and employees of the Judiciary I had not so pleasant dealings with, grows longer. I swear I have nothing against them, nor should they have anything against me. Are we all victims of manipulation? Last August 22, somebody, GOD Bless his soul, again poured garbage on my table. I have brought in the past, this matter of vandalizing court properties and the fact that somebody places the remarks, “GAGO”, “BOBO TALAGA” across my name in the logbook, before the Honorable Judges, these acts to my mind are parts of a plan or scheme to persecute me and defeat my promotion. If I remember it right, it was ruled as a non-issue. The Court Administrator, also was a recipient of my numerous pleas, his action thereon was, too insignificant to remember. Ironically in one instance, the Honorable Judge only heard the Court Aide after the latter lowered his voice, exhausted and frustrated, having mouthed a litany of invectives against me even went into the motion of attacking me with a knife. Had the Branch Clerk arrived seconds earlier, she could have witnessed the pathetic sight. Incidentally, the Court Aide is about 60 years old, four feet something tall, and heavy around the waist, his Good Morning towel half tucked carefully in his back pocket like a police detective on a mini raid. Intuitive this Branch Clerk is, as if on cue she stepped in and asked, “MAY NAGBUGBUGAN BA? PAG MAY NAGBUGBUGAN BAYAAN NYO LANG WAG NYONG AAWATIN!” I think that she did not mean it. Maybe it has just her favorite expression, because she never fails to asked so, whenever somebody places wet toilet rug on my seat, or pours garbage on my table, if only she knows. This is not self serving nor I am being hypocritical, it is my position that victims of oppression or harassment should at least be given some kind of protection, similar to those given to the victims of political repression; enforced disappearance and like those two former CAFGUs under the protective orders of the Supreme Court. Lucky them. The Supreme Court is correct in thumbing down the improper exercise of executive privileges; like the continuous refusal to confront issues, or to answer questions, or the unjust curtailment of liberties, like the exercise of profession. I wish the Supreme Court comes up with a Resolution exempting lawyers who are Court Legal Researchers 2, from complying with MCLE (please see attached Letter to the Chief Justice) or finally confirm or deny the existence of the “November 9, 2006 Decision” denying my Protest to the Appointment of the Branch Clerk. Invitat culpam qui delictum praeterit. Respectfully, Atty. Jose B. Flores Court Legal Researcher 2 RTC Branch 120 Kalookan City.

  • tito paki dala naman nang tatampal..matagal na akong hindi nakakain noon Feb/1989

    • jose buenaventura flores

      Posted on ONLINE COMMUINITY OF LAW STUDENTS AND LAWYERS August 4, 2007 Letter to Father Joaquin Bernas. Father I am being pushed closer to GOD. You are a friend of GOD, a closer friend than the less prayer full me, you are a friend of the Court, to consult with if and when they push thru with the plan to amend the Rules. I am praying for divine intervention, that through you the Honorable Justices, ease my burden. I passed the 2001 Bar examinations. I am the Legal Researcher II of Branch 120 of RTC Caloocan since 1996. I have never been promoted as a Branch Clerk, and has been bypassed even in the designation as an officer in charge, in favor of someone who has not passed the required civil service examination .In the past, I have been exempted from complying with the MCLE, on the ground, that I do not practice law privately or otherwise. I have been paying the corresponding exemption fees. For the current compliance period, my request (please see attached letter) for exemption was denied on the ground that my position is not one of those enumerated in the list of exemption under Bar Matter No. 850. Should I take that to mean, that I have been practicing law all along, The decision has lapsed into finality, they may have unwittingly vested me with one of the qualifications of a judge , to have been for a certain period, engaged in the practice of law.
      I am deprived of my regular duties, and so was given “Unsatisfactory” ratings, conversely, because of the three unsatisfactory ratings, that were given me, I am deprived of my regular duties. Because of the catch all phrase “and such other duties as maybe assigned by the Judge “,I have been tasked to take out the garbage can of the Judge , it has a paper so placed at the bottom , that one has to take it out by hand, the paper incidentally is always soaked in sputum, that could not have been the Judge’s alone,(unfortunately he later had a stroke, and has retired) or he could have dried himself of body fluids, As I take out the garbage can, my office mates and two casuals from the city , are ordered to stand by the wayside. I have been physically assaulted, charged administratively, subjected to constant tongue lashing and humiliation, just to break my spirit. I have been charged with fictitious loans for an unprecedented three times in separate years, all during the existence of a legal disqualification to my contracting such loans. Recently our Court Aide hanged on my cushioned seat the doormat used in our toilet, inside the toilet I mean. dripping wet with urine and what have they. Four office mates in synchronicity, volunteered similar anecdotes; one said , her seat is also wet but that could not have been the fault of the Court Aide, ,she theorized that it could be some fluid dripping from the ceiling. Does it sound like a cover up?. , (unfortunately, she later had a Stroke, and is about to retire) the second said , there is nothing wrong with what the court aide has been doing, like its the most natural thing to do, (unfortunately, she later had a miscarriage, what could have been her first born at a late age) the third reasoned that the court aide had nowhere to place the rugs on, like the latter acted due to extreme necessity (unfortunately, she later lost two relatives to cancer) the fourth, said she also has dust on her table , as if to mitigate, the conspiratorial deed (fortunately, and I sure hope that she be spared of her comeuppance) When I asked the Court Aide what have I done wrong, he shouted at me PUTANG INA MO!GAGO! TARANTADO! repeatedly, of course nobody would corroborate my story, he even motioned to attack me with a knife , I ignored it thinking that he was just asked to provoke me, and that any reaction on my part , might adversely reflect on my psycho social attributes, When he lowered his voice, or actually gone hoarse, the Honorable Acting Presiding Judge stepped out of his chamber and casually sent him on an errand. True enough my Protest on the appointment of the Branch Clerk was denied on the ground that the Protestee has better psycho social attributes, and that I was given an “Unsatisfactory” rating by the Honorable Pairing Judge, the Protest on such rating , incidentally has yet to be resolved to this date. The Court Aide shouts at me SIRA ULO, PUTANG INA , MO GAGO he writes similar words across my name in the log book, but last Tuesday he again emptied the garbage can of our branch on my table ( Unfortunately, he later broke an arm) I do not know why the day before that, the New Branch Clerk in rating my performance indicated THAT I AM QUARRELSOME. My sister joked, that she has an idea where the Great Tribulation might start.
      I have been lured by false offers of help to transfer to another government office but was finally told that I could not be accepted just as the period of the Authority to Transfer expires, luckily, I was able to successfully plead with the Supreme Court that I be allowed to reassume my duties. The other offers of help were more of the same , they all entail resignation , of course there will always be the probationary period , an “Unsatisfactory” rating for the first rating period following my transfer would mean that I am already jobless.
      My net take home pay is Php 10,000, plus an allowance of about Php 5,000 in the form of JDF SAJ. I am currently neck deep in debt, I am waiting for the next Christmas bonus, and hoping to settle my obligations.
      I have an eight month old baby who is on constant medication and survives on formula milk, my other daughter studies in a public school in the neighboring city to which I take her on board my bicycle, five days a week. We are on a vegetable diet for five days since, I cannot remember when, whether it was nine or ten years ago.
      An MCLE seminar for just several units costs about Php 8,000 to Php9,000. It is not farfetched to believe that if I go to private practice , the “misfortunes” heaped on me will likewise bedevil my clients.
      Somebody from the MCLE office promised to call me as soon as she is able to set an appointment with Dean Andres Bautista, she intimated that its a career shift, meaning I stand to loose to jobs, soon and sooner.
      The relief Father, I understand may not be in the form of a reworded rules, and may just be a favorable interpretation or a clarification. I hope that this letter gets to you in time before they strike my name off from the Rolls of Attorney for failing to comply with the current compliance period. Thank You and GOD Bless.

  • Remedios B. De leon

    Nais ko pong humingi ng tulong para mapadali ang final judgement ng aking kaso sa National Labor Commision na kung saan ay hawak ko na po ang Notice of Judgement-Final Order as of 22 August 2008 case Remedios B. De leon vs Pepsi Cola Phils., Inc. Naga City Sub-RAB 05-07-00085-07 (T-03-08). Nag-file po ng appeal ang Pepsi sa kabila na aking pagkapanalo, hanggang ngayon po ay wala pa po kaming natatanggap na final decision from the supreme court kaya wala pa rin po akong natatanggap na monetary award. Umaasa po ako sa paraang ito ay mapapadali po resulta ng aking kaso sa labor. Maraming salamat po. More power!

  • jose buenaventura flores

    January 18, 2002 CHILLING EFFECT (Although I have a serious doubt this, for the Judges , Lawyers and Students of Law and History here in Caloocan, to be able to recall when this phrase first gained its rightful place in Philippine Jurispru…dence, please search for the name Arlene Babst) Letter to the Chief Justice Posted in Online Community of Lawyers and Law Students. Dear Sir, As a government employee, I support the Constitution and uphold the law, including the Productivity Law so called. The Civil Service Commission implements this law which mandates the denial of benefits or the dismissal of employees in the public sector on the basis of the performance rating given them by their superiors. Our legislators may find this law deserving a second look. To say that the law is harsh is an understatement. In our system of government even the most hardened criminal is accorded the rudiments of due process. The only participation of the Ratee is the matter of affixing his signature. it would be imprudent to demand that he be shown in what way, when, where or how was his performance found to be wanting, under such a tense atmosphere the act of signing is only a manifestation of the respect for the office . It would be instructive for us to revisit the past. The law is said to be of Marcos vintage. The deposed President must have applied the law with an evil eye and an uneven hand to perpetuate himself in power. Five administrations and one major reorganization thereafter we still have the same bureaucracy, described as less than ideal. The Supreme Court speaking through Justice Mendoza said, that the possibility of abuse is not an argument against the existence of a power, said pronouncement, if I may deduce so assumes the grant of an equitable form of redress (Note that the 2006 Protest to the Rating given me by the Hon. Judge Adoracion G. Angeles is still pending in the Supreme Court, Good Morning Justice Vilches, Rise and Shine !!! ), the invocation of the nay saying function of the court. The administrative determinations where prior notice and hearing or opportunity for reconsideration are dispensed with are limited and well defined , manifesting the policy to make the same the exception rather than the rule it has likewise been said , that the right differs from and should not be confused with the manner in which such right is exercised. The non observance of due process is what sets this law apart from the others. The only token manifestation of fairness under this law is a reminder in fine print to the officer making the evaluation to observe fairness. While mindful of the laudable objective of the law and the attempt in good faith of most public officials to comply with the same, the law is counterproductive. One maybe systematically deprived of his regular duties or assigned menial tasks preparatory to the charge of inefficiency, and conversely one maybe charged of inefficiency preparatory to the deprivation of his official duties. This law fosters indolence on the part of the worker who relies on the good will of his officer. On the other hand, nothing could have a more CHILLING EFFECT (This phrase once again assumes relevance in the light of the statements of UE Dean of Law and former Law Dean Cong. Rodriguez with regard to the Order of the Supreme Court to the UP Law Professors to make a Comment) upon a government employees freedom of conscience, than a prior “Unsatisfactory” rating. Surely there are other just merit systems the CSC can resort to, it can likewise factor the phenomenon termed idiosyncrasy., long dismissed by positivists as a mere occupational hazard. The CSC could try including in the questionnaire, a matter relevant to the issue of efficiency, by asking whether the employee is depraved or principled, and whether he will forgo of his principles amidst pressure and persecution, the Productivity Law notwithstanding. Sincerely Jose B. Flores RTC Br 120 Kalookan

  • jose buenaventura flores

    MY PATHETIC ATTEMPT AT PLAGIARISM’S KINDRED CONCEPT AND HOW I ESCAPED DEAN BACUNGAN’S SPANKING .FOOTNOTE, THE GOOD ATENEAN AND THE COPYCAT PUFFER FISH March 24, 2010 (Posted in Online Community of Lawyers and Law Students) 1.)Is becoming a lawyer worth it, given that my father reached compulsory retirement age when I was still in fifth grade , with two younger sisters and three siblings in half blood still in high school? 2) Is becoming a lawyer worth it , when three elder siblings went their own family life after high school leaving me with my two younger sisters and elderly parents to fend for ourselves? 3) Is becoming a lawyer worth it when you have to stay late at night and wake up early the following day to cook food in a one by two meters wood fired stove,wash the utensils and prepare the dishes yourselves, work which no modern day slaves would be willing to do even for a pay?, serve the food, tend to the store wash the dishes then go through the same routine at least four times in a day , breakfast ,snack, lunch snack and night time to serve rowdiest of boozers this OK Corral of a place right smack into the center of Tondo, Smokey Mountain, and the new squatters area of Maypajo and Dagat-dagatan? 4) Is becoming a lawyer worth it when you do not even have the luxury of worrying over examinations, hoping that your best efforts to attend the classes and to answer the examinations might be enough to merit a passing grade? 5) Is becoming a lawyer worth it considering that heat and stress has caused your hand to tremble,that you yourself cannot read what you have written the day before for having forgotten the story which you hoped could aid you in deciphering what you have in excruciating pain wrote ? 6) is becoming a lawyer worth it, if the lovely senoras do not teach Spanish except for the first and second period , causing you to miss most of your classes except when they taught the cliche , por pavor Senora, me permite salir un momento? 7) Is becoming a lawyer worth it when your class cards in the subjects you failed in one semester sewn together would out span a kilo of Vigan longgonisa? 8) Is becoming a lawyer worth it when having been overtaken by younger students in pre law another set of gangling, or with baby fats bulging new set of students overtake you again in the Law School? 9) Is becoming a lawyer worth it when years of being in free section , you are looked upon with distrust by your new classmates who are getting younger, as if you were an pesky old stranger who failed to find his direction 10) Is becoming a lawyer worth it, when though “employed” you are without a salary, that unlike those other” working students”, you cannot pilfer office supplies or resources, cannot cheat on your attendance at work , no Boss to sucker up to because your livelihood and two younger sisters schooling depend on your tiresome almost frenzy work schedule? 11) Is becoming a lawyer worth it when enrolling in the night shift wont save you the trouble of attending some minor subjects in the day, so tired that your professor in Statistics made a prank on you,doz-zing while waiting for him, he did not even bother to wake you up , he gave the scope of the examination, and then dismissed the class, you woke up to the unruliness of of the mostly burly engineering students of the next class 12) Is becoming a lawyer worth it when you begin to elicit sympathy from your professors who concerned with your handwriting,instead of checking your examination booklet wrote thereon “You cannot expect to pass the Bar with this kind of handwriting!” ,which was just a fair warning though because Judge Madayag was merciful enough to make me pass his subject.even if he did not get his wish that I make at the least the ugliness of my handwriting consistent 13) Is becoming a lawyer worth it when you have to plead almost every examination month, for your professors consideration because having so many back subjects you always end up with conflicts in schedule , the best deal was from Judge Albano, who would exempt you on condition that you pass his other exam prelims or finals , its called “double the value”14) Is becoming a lawyer worth it when you barely missed the new school administration more concerned with their passing average in the Bar examination , that you thought was a scheme to justify an increase in tuition fee, than to give “truly” working students a fighting chance , mandated that my Certificate of Matriculation be stamped “Probationary” because of the number of failed subjects 15) Is becoming a lawyer worth it when at 4:30 pm you were still in front of the burning furnace of a stove, and you still have to catch a 5:30 class, such that when you step into the bathroom to take a bath your body was shaking violently as if to tell you, “No! this is suicide”, that you finally made the class of the acerbic tongue Dean Bacungan, unprepared and without any idea as usual,, compounded by the failure of generosity on the part of one Ms. Hernandez your junior (later Atty. Hernandez) who sat in front of you, refusing to lend you a xerox of one of the cases, you were ordered to stand up and discuss one case, which judging from the reaction of your classmates is that which nobody has heard of,or bothered to read, your hands may have failed you, but, by good grace, your eyes did not , you recited with conviction the gist , to the astonishment of Dean Bacungan (many thought his middle name was Sarcasm), who merely asked , “Is thaaat soooo?” to which you gave a firm affirmative reply , which was enough to make your Idol dismissed the class prematurely ,to the rest of the class you were hero that day, but a fugitive on the run the next meeting, Dean Bacungan having discovered that you merely read the FOOTNOTE, expressing what you later surmised was the dissenting opinion. 16) Is becoming a lawyer worth it, when hoping for good luck you tried hard to attend the second day of the class of Atty. Magpayo, who asked you to define Statutory Construction,to which you gave common sensical reply, “its the making of laws Mam” you went home for the nights waiter chores lonely, having just been the object of ridicule of the whole class 17) Is becoming a lawyer worth it merely because lady luck seems to be smiling at you at times that when Professor Capule “The Good Atenean” , noticing an unfamiliar face asked you “Whether you can sue the government?, with one big puff of the face you summoned the bright idea from deep within your guts,I was murmuring , government-Chief of Staff,government- Cheif of Staff,government- Chief of Staff I read somewhere, pwede! was it Ruffy vs Chiif of Staff?, although Capule”s subject was Private Corporation you did not want to risk another humiliation without putting up even a token resistance, kapalan na to, “I’de rather sue the Chief of Staff, sir” was your answer. for about 5 seconds the whole place was blurred, you could only see Jade Wee’s (later Atty Wee of the Chan Robles Firm) miffed courtesan smile, everybody in a state of suspended animation, waiting for the cue to burst into thunderous guffaw,but alas , it rained and it poured, Prof. Capule probed deeper, approvingly sounding asked “But can you attach the battle tanks?, give your legal reason? “am I on a roll or just the rush? I was processing thoughts faster than Deep Blue, Attach-Tanks, should it be Attack -Tanks , taking the deepest of breath, I could be scouring the bottom of the Philippine Deep, and muffing my breath, puffing my face , more than Eddie Katindig or one Puffer Fish in heat can do, I said “No Sir, because public funds should be paid out of the public treasury only pursuant to a valid appropriation law” “Okay, you may sit down”, Whhaaaaaa!!! The most profound ,most appropriate accolade I received as a veteran student.The only one in fact .Where did I get the answer? to this day, it remains one of my life’s greatest mysteries, could just be beginners luck, tried as I could, I failed to attend, the next two meetings of his class, and when I finally did, to Mr. Capule I was probably no longer an unfamiliar face , he asked Miss Jade Wee the same questions, which she brilliantly answered with the same answers I gave. Sobrasalliente! she deserves to be the valedictorian, I take exception however to her copycat puffing of the cheeks.

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    DUTY TO SOCIETY,TO THE BAR AND TO THE COURTS Posted in Online Community of Lawyers and Law Students PETITION TO TAKE THE LAWYERS OATH April 15, 2002 1). Petitioner herein under oath states that on the day I received the decision in A.M. P-99-1357 I immediately paid the fine as mandated in the decision , as an expression of my repentance over my misdeed and to show genuine effort towards the reformation of my life. 2 ). Although I was ordered to pay a fine, I welcome the decision with great joy.[penalizing me for fighting within court premises in defense of my Honor, I thought I would be totally without any liability] I have gained full appreciation of the conduct and behavior expected of those connected with the administration of justice. I take to heart its warning.I honestly believe that it is fair and well thought out. But what truly made me proud to be a court employee and hopefully , if permitted to be an officer of the court is the stand taken by the Honorable Justice Arturo B. Buena [allegedly complainant’s grandfather ],as expressed in the phrase”no part”. It is an affirmation that ours is a government of laws and not of men . It is brief but eloquent. It speaks volumes about the character and honor of the great Justice. I am thankful. 3]. I was advised by well meaning individuals [OBC employees]to secure attestations from esteemed members of the society; the clergy, from the academe and from superiors in particular ( were they probably appraised of the impossibility of me securing attestations from the aforementioned members of the society, so I have to reason my way out , “well meaning” could be, praise undeserved. My Judge made a boast about his connections; that the Acting Bar Confidant is their friend, and so are my neighbors a former fiscal and another the chief of PAO of the city 4). That I have come to realized that reformation must of necessity ( now I am reasoning out) be a mental process, at least initially. A recognition of what is right and what is wrong and a conviction to follow the path to righteousness. It being so the same is therefor gauged by one’s outward acts at such times which are material , in instances not so far remote from the reprehensible deed and the measure of correction 5). I have a very personal relationship with the Lord. I do not pray for appearances. On religious objections above anything else, I did not visit the confessional to atone for my sins. In my own silent way , I ask God for the forgiveness of my sins, and pray that he guide my thoughts, words and deed. It is therefore impossible for our parish priest to divine my moral reformation. 6). The Code of Professional responsibility as a field of study, is one which has made such a deep impact on my consciousness. The interdiction on cultivating familiarity with judges made me resolved to maintain my relationship with my professors/judges courteous but strictly on a student teacher level. This would thus put in serious doubt their competence to vouch for my rehabilitation. 7). Never was there even an attempt in law to define moral character. ( surprise!) Its application to concrete cases was at best an approximation. (are hearing these disquisitions for the first time?) It was clearly distinguished from reputation though. We are cautioned that it is not a subjective term, but one which corresponds to objective reality, throwing off caution it is conceded that moral character is what a person really is. 8). A negative definition was offered as more realistic . The absence of a proven conduct traditionally and historically considered as manifestation of moral turpitude , but discoursing further, it was asked whether or not the conviction for a crime is the best evidence of moral turpitude? It is not even necessary it is said, but the circumstance is the best evidence . Now we have a solitary circumstance as the best evidence , not of moral character but of moral turpitude 9). We have lately gained headway in this en devour. A lawyer it is said is expected at all times to uphold the integrity and dignity of the legal profession by faithfully performing his duties to society, to the bar, to the courts and to his clients. This brings us to the matter of evaluation by superiors 10.) I have attached for the perusal of the Honorable Court certain documents executed at times not far remote ( I have laid the basis paragraphs back) from the Resolution in A.M. No. P-99-1357 as evidence of my good moral character, the due recognition of my duties to society, to the bar and to the courts 11). That these documents are of personal significance does not in anyway I believe diminish the interests of the society, of the courts and of the bar over such matters ,but merely provided the occasion for me to personally fulfill those duties 12) Self serving or incriminatory, I may fall God forbid or God willing rise on the merits of my convictions , and as a lawyer as was hoped of those who previously petitioned this Honorable Court , I will be in a better position to render legal and other services to the more unfortunate members of the society. Wherefore , it is politely prayed of this Honorable Court that herein Petitioner be allowed to take the Lawyer”s Oath and be held out to the public as a morally upright and worthy member of the legal profession Signed Petitioner Jose B. Flores

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      Had this been a hypothetical question in a subject in the law school,students might be tempted to think that,this is not as simple as it seems, Is the primary issue here “Is malicious intent an element of Plagiarism?…” is the absence of mal…icious intent established? is that a given fact? on the contrary, does malicious intent affect only the Gravity of the Plagiarism, to use ones work without attribution in a manner which is contrary to the obvious intent of the author demonstrates both Malicious Intent and Plagiarism. In administrative cases one maybe treated as qualifying the other, although strictly speaking it would be a multiple violation of any code of good conduct known to men, positivists might say, let the penalty for the graver offense instead be applied in its maximum period, this concept has also been applied in administrative cases, and because the penalties mostly allow it, in appropriate situations modifying circumstances are appreciated. So much for academic discussion.See More

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