Swift: Safari for Windows

Would you really care to install another browser in your system?

If you do, you can try Swift (formerly known as GetWebKit) an Alpha-stage web browser based on the Apple Webkit rendering engine.

Installation proved to be buggy, and it was reccommended to download the following Windows components:

Uhm, the last item is not required nor reccommended, but you do know why its there, right 😉

Verdict? Clunky UI, does not give password boxes for login to email, or PTB (WordPress) itself, appears to block ads by default, and it crashes frequently.

But the page rendering looks promising.

Known pesky bug: even if does give you an option during installation to set up the program on your profile only, this will eventually give an error. Just install for All Users in the system.

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  • This project is related to the Series 60 browser. That one’s really nice on the newer Nokia N’s.

  • I’m probably confusing it with another Mac browser, but isn’t Safari just an Apple-made KHTML browser?

  • Yes, the WebCore component is based on KHTML.