Symantec introduces better backup solutions for businesses

Symantec is more known for their anti-virus software but not a lot of people know that they are also a global leader when it comes to providing security, storage and systems management solutions for organizations.


Recently, they introduced the latest version of their award-winning backup solutions. The Symantec NetBackup 7.5 for consumers and small to medium-sized enterprises and the Symantec BackupExec 2012 for those who wants backup with no compromise.

When it comes to backup solutions, Symantec’s strategy focuses on the following areas:

  • Change the Operating Model of Backup: Symantec’s strategy is to eliminate 80 percent of the operating cost of backup by delivering an integrated platform that replaces multiple solutions typically used in backup today.
  • Break the Backup Window: 100 times faster backup with NetBackup 7.5, compared to traditional approaches, means organizations can complete full backups at the speed of incremental backups without sacrificing recoverability to meet critical service levels.
  • Fight Infinite Retention: Too many organizations keep backups for too long. Knowing when information can be deleted can significantly reduce costs and management burdens on IT. New backup search capabilities in NetBackup give IT the ability to separate out what is relevant to legal or compliance investigations while keeping the rest of the backup infrastructure running on a more typical 30-60-90 day backup cycle. Infinite retention is infinite waste for IT and infinite risk for legal.
  • Unify Snapshots and Backup: A snapshot without NetBackup is just a snapshot. A snapshot with NetBackup is data protection, manageability and recoverability. Unifying snapshots and backup with NetBackup gives organizations the speed of snapshots with the recoverability of backup.
  • Stop Putting Tapes on Trucks: With the help of Symantec NetBackup technology, organizations can modernize their disaster recovery strategies and stop the practice of shipping tapes by truck. Symantec NetBackup Auto Image Replication (AIR) allows customers to eliminate volumes of physical assets and prioritize files that can be sent over the network, while significantly reducing the chance for human error.
  • Unite Virtual and Physical Backups: Reduce operating costs around virtualization with patent pending Symantec V-Ray technology that enables organizations to have deeper visibility into their VMware and Hyper-V machines for virtual backups with a single product. Integrated in NetBackup and Backup Exec, V-Ray delivers load balanced virtual machine backups to eliminate backup storms, Symantec Declares Better Backup for All Sized Organizations improve virtual machine performance and reduce storage by deduplicating data everywhere, whether it is on VMware, Hyper-V or physical servers resulting in up to 90 percent storage reduction.
  • One Product for Any Recovery: Symantec provides one solution for all backups whether they are based on tape, disk, or in physical or virtual environments. Customers can recover any application or system to a virtual machine whether they have the hardware or not. Physical to virtual recovery is now included for free in Backup Exec, simplifying disaster recovery by automatically creating a virtual machine when recovery is needed. New backup to virtual (B2V) technology is also available to accelerate the migration from physical to virtual servers as part of the backup process.
  • Eliminate Complexity: Backup Exec has eliminated backup management complexity by simplifying the user interface, utilizing insights from millions of users, policies and licensing. This allows IT administrators and SMB owners to have a professional data protection strategy without being backup professionals.
  • Easy Backup: Symantec introduces Backup Exec Small Business Edition ensuring smaller companies can set-up proper data protection in less than 10 minutes and in three simple steps.

To know more about the NetBackup and Backup Exec and what it can offer your organization, you may visit Symantec website.

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