Symantec launches Norton Everywhere to support all internet devices

Not contented with just protecting your PC with the Norton 360, Symantec recently unveiled the Norton Everywhere initiative to give protection to ANY device that can connect to the internet.


With the sudden rise of smartphone users and portable media players having WiFi capability, Symantec took the initiative to extend its services to mobile safety and web safety across any device and embedded services on smart devices.

Products included in the Norton Everywhere initiative are Norton Mobile, Norton DNS and Norton for Smart Devices.

Norton Mobile

Norton Mobile will address some of today’s most common issues for smartphones, including device loss and data protection by delivering security and non-security offerings for the mobile platform.

There’s the Norton Smartphone Security Beta for Android which will give users the ability to remotely lock or wipe their device via text message in the event of device loss. Users will also benefit from Norton-strength antimalware protection and call blocking for unwanted callers. Expect the same protection for other OS soon.

Norton DNS

Norton DNS Beta ““ based on the Domain Name System which acts as the Internet’s invisible switchboard ““ has been designed to provide a safer, more reliable, and faster Internet experience by delivering a variety of basic protection services like antiphishing, antimalware and anti-spyware via Norton verified web filtering.

Android users can access Norton DNS Beta for faster, safer web access when on wi-fi via a small, easy-to-install mobile application from the Android Market.

Norton for Smart Devices

Norton for Smart Devices brings Symantec embedded security and other services into non-PC internet connected media devices such as Blu-ray players, televisions and media streamers, smartphones, home security systems, digital cameras, picture frames and more.

With its strategic partnership with Mocana Corporation, Symantec will be bringing the following solutions to device manufacturers:

  • Securely and intelligently update a device’s firmware, operating system and applications
  • Remotely support a device in order to drive down a device’s support costs
  • Bring secure and robust online storage to a device in order to secure configuration settings, application data and user data.

Non-traditional internet device users can expect great things from Symantec in the near future. Check out the Norton Everywhere site for more info.

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  • harley7

    seriously? norton is way slow, been using wavesecure for 6 months and have all my data backed up there, norton doesnt even have a backup feature at all, not about to switch anytime soon. (esp. since i have a free account! =D)

  • uhmm may i ask when was the last time you used norton? norton Internet Security 2009 and 2010 and the latest norton 360 4.0 are quite fast. faster than other popular AV, even those free ones.

    and norton 360 has scheduled offline and online backup.

  • The ability to remotely lock and wipe a device is a great feature and helps solve a big security issue. This has been a feature with the corporate Blackberry software for a while. It is nice to see it working with Android. I hope to test it out soon.