Taguig City going wireless

An article from ComputerWorld has mentioned that Taguig is to become the first city to go wireless in the country. Mayor Sigfrido Tinga has been quoted that he hopes to install 6 Wimax nodes in the city. Aside from that there are some negotiations for Apple computers to be made available to the faculty and students of Taguig City Science High School. Actually the vision is for them to have a wireless school system and they are thinking of ways to make it sustainable, as they see that it is possible.

Exciting times are up ahead for the students there, methinks 🙂 I can’t wait to hear more about this next year, the target date of when this would actually be rolled out already.

Melissa Vergara’s article is here.

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  • wifi

    the first city to go wireless in the country? i dont think so. i already heard other cities who went wireless since early this year pa. was it naga city?

  • Really? In Naga. Wow 🙂 City-wide talaga? Hmmm. Maybe the author meant first city in the region? Thanks for the feedback.

  • riche

    Dumaguete and its environs has it early this year. Click this link: IT Outlook.

  • riche

    Dumaguete and its environs has it early this year. Click this link: IT Outlook.

  • For me, the Apple computers raised my interest. Damn fine machines…

  • riche

    Yeah, right…

  • Riche: Thanks for the link 🙂 Yes, Dumaguete had been earlier 🙂

    Punzi: Am not a very big fan… But well, it is pretty exciting that the mayor plans that for the students and faculty of Taguig Science High School 🙂 Giving the students and faculty tools they can use 🙂

  • riche

    dumaguete city has been talking of wireless many years before…

  • riche

    forget the dumaguete scandal…think of the hi-tech city of the future…

  • riche

    if i’m not wrong, there are already 2 wifi service providers in dumaguete now…now are we ahead?

  • Riche: Yeah, I think I would have to agree with that.

  • riche

    lets not bother about that. what’s important is that we’re moving ahead, and we have a country to move on forward… let’s go philippines is IT.

  • kunyo

    I installed a free access point for wireless connections inside my sisters internet cafe — fronting one of the better known schools in Surigao City last year… we were even thinking of putting up 2 more wifi zones on 2 other areas (within the city) but it didn’t push through… should that qualify us then as “one” of the first cities to go wireless? heheh… Sabagay, wifi gadgets are still not the “in” thing in Surigao until now. (shash! Taguig daw eh sangkatutak na SSID broadcast na meron ang buong business center ng Makati at Ortigas)

  • riche

    we do not really know which city was the first. unless there would be an official reckoning on who did it first. we in dumaguete could claim we were the first, but then again there was airborne access in manila. but the issue of deploying it citywide? airborne access was there for only a few spots in a few metro manila areas, not really whole on one of those cities. maybe that’s an issue where dumaguete could claim to have made first, since there are no other cities which claimed to have done it first. and taguig, i guess, is still testing a city-wide deployment of the system.

    but i guess that issue should not be debated after all. unless there is a point in doing so. for example, could that record go to the guinness world book?

    wireless technology was here a long time ago, only very few thought of really investing large sum of money and offering it for a whole city, like dumaguete. in the philippines, it should have originated in more urbane areas, like manila.

    expect that in the future it would be the in thing.

  • as of this time, dumaguete is already going triple play

  • yela

    itz really good… i’m from taguig science high school…
    itz cool!!!

    having apple ibookz in school…

  • having apple ibookz in our school makes our work easier. And of course it makes learning becomes enjoyable!

  • I hope this plan will still come true.

    Go Taguig.