Take the Mozilla Survey for the Philippines

An email from a Mozilla exec is asking for online Filipinos to take this very short survey:

We’re doing a community survey online, both of current Firefox users as well as people who don’t use Firefox. It’s a pretty short survey, 11 questions. We haven’t been able to reach many Filipinos with this survey and we really want to get feedback from Filipino web users.

Click here to take the survey and please pass around this link or blog about it too.

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  • thenomad

    but… the survey is already closed. too bad, i really wanted to participate.

  • Miller


    I think you don’t have to worry about it. I think that you already know that it’s really popular on your country. And It’s als obeen confirmed to other asia country as well.

  • pls send me philippines survey,i really love to do it,,,i need free survey for cash