Tech21 case protects your device from impacts without adding bulk

Tech21, the self-proclaimed authority in Impactology, or what they call science of protection, recently made itself known to the local market by way of its local distributor, Digits Trading.


Tech21 cases are known for their slim looks without compromising the slimness of your device. The magic lies not in the case itself but on what’s embedded on it.


The secret ingredient for Tech21’s cases is an impact material called D30. A compound that’s composed of a non-Newtonian polymer with an intelligent molecular structure. It can be freely molded but once impact is applied, the molecules bond tightly together to absorb and repel the impact.


As an experiment, a raw form of D30 which looks like your average clay or putty is wrapped and molded around the finger. Heavy objects are then used to pound on the finger with minimal impact to the person. They can feel the impact but significantly weak as the D30 absorbs the force. This material is widely used in military protective wear such as helmets and bulletproof vests, and also in extreme sports wear such as motorbike gloves and paddings.

tech21 Impact Snap with Cover tech21 Impact Band

A little D30 can go a long way that’s why Tech21 cases can afford to be slim. Some cases are made of TPU or thermoplastic polyurethane, while some are made of silicon, with D30 injected on impact points on the sides. There are also leather cases with D30 embedded within the seams.

tech21 impact shell tech21-special-ops-patrol

Right now, cases are available only for the iPhone 5, iPad mini, and Samsung Galaxy S4. There are bumper cases, silicon cases, and folio cases. Prices range from Php950 to the most expensive which is the Php2,200 Special Ops Patrol for the iPhone 5 consisting of a silicon case enclosed in a hard shell case.


The cases for the iPad mini are reasonably priced with the silicon back case which goes well with an Apple Smart Cover retailing for only Php1,250. The Impact Folio Leather for the iPad mini is priced at just Php1,850.

Tech21 cases are already available at top gadget accessory resellers such as Astroplus, Astrovision, Beyond the Box, Digital Hub group of stores, Switch, R.O.X., Techoholics, iStore, iStudio, and more.

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  • Griswold

    will this protect my phone from cracks? or from shocks lang?