Tech21 launches Impact Folio for iPad and Impact Snap for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

Tech21 has recently launched its newest protective cases for iPads and MacBooks with Impactology Protection. Impactology uses a combination of ingenious design, innovative materials and specialized manufacturing technologies delivering the most intelligent impact protection.

Some features of the new Impactology products includes:
“¢ Selection of ingenious raw materials, providing optimum impact protection
“¢ Minimalist look and feel, with access to all phone functions
“¢ Revolutionary design, offering complete protection

Tech21 Impact Folio: Protective Case for iPad Mini Retina


The Impact Folio case for iPad Air features advanced impact absorption through FlexShock and geometric ribbing structure. It is built to exceed MIL-STD 810G.516.6 to 1.8m/6ft and provides multiple folio positions. The Tech21 Impact Folio is available in colors Grey/Brown and Black. See pricing below:


Tech21 iPadA Impact Folio Grey Brown 3,250.00
Tech21 iPadA Impact Folio Black 3,250.00
Tech21 iPadM R Impact Folio Grey Brown 2,950.00
Tech21 iPadM R Impact Folio Black 2,950.00

Tech21 Impact Snap: Protective Case for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro


The Impact Snap case for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro features the same FlexShock impact material which absorbs, dissipates and repels force upon impact. It is slim-fitting and lightweight but provides heavy-duty protection on your MacBooks. See pricing below:


Tech21 MBA11″ ImpSnap Black 3,450.00
Tech21 MBA11″ ImpSnap Pink 3,450.00
Tech21 MBA11″ ImpSnap Purple 3,450.00
Tech21 MBA11″ ImpSnap Clear 3,450.00
Tech21 MBA13″ ImpSnap Black 3,450.00
Tech21 MBA13″ ImpSnap Pink 3,450.00
Tech21 MBA13″ ImpSnap Purple 3,450.00
Tech21 MBA13″ ImpSnap Clear 3,450.00
Tech21 MBP13″ ImpSnap Black 3,650.00
Tech21 MBP13″ ImpSnap Pink 3,650.00
Tech21 MBP13″ ImpSnap Purple 3,650.00
Tech21 MBP13″ ImpSnap Clear 3,650.00
Tech21 MBP13″ R ImpSnap Black 3,650.00
Tech21 MBP13″ R ImpSnap Pink 3,650.00
Tech21 MBP13″ R Clear 3,650.00
Tech21 MBP15″ R ImpSnap Black 3,650.00
Tech21 MBP15″ R ImpSnap Clear 3,650.00

The Tech21 Impact Folio and Impact Snap Protective Cases are available in the following authorized resellers:

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Beeper City
BZB Gadget Hive
Complink, Digital Arena
Digital Hub
Digital Walker
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