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Tellabs Insight Analytics Services prevents network pain before it starts

Mobile traffic is expected to grow sevenfold by 2015, as more data is travelling over networks than ever before. But for every byte user consume, they leave a trail of activity on the network — clues that can empower operators to better manage their networks by better understanding their subscribers and their service experience.


Dion Asencio, Tellabs Philippines country manager, share how their technologies could bring in intelligence, cost reduction and personalization to networks.

Tellabs Insight Analytics Services is an end-to-end solution that enables operators to pull together the pieces of the network analytics puzzle. This solution helps both identify and address network pain points, so operators can improve users’ mobile Internet and wireline experiences.

Proactively improve the network

When used with the Tellabs SmartCore 9100 Probe, Tellabs Insight Analytics Services gathers comprehensive network data and converts it to actionable information. For operators that have already invested in a network probe, Tellabs Insight Analytics Services works with existing equipment to address network pain points.

Tellabs Insight Analytics Services focuses on three main applications:

  • Network Analytics identifies and resolves network performance issues before they become problems that affect users.
  • Customer Experience Management measures the user experience at a session level, all the way from the mobile device to the mobile Internet, enabling operators to see the subscribers’ behavior and to proactively improve the overall user experience.
  • Marketing Analytics maximizes marketing investments by measuring the performance of existing offerings, correlating subscriber behaviors, cross-selling products and services, and providing new revenue opportunities.
Tellabs Insight Analytics Services is applicable in many parts of the mobile network, and is especially beneficial in mobile backhaul networks. Today’s mobile networks are extremely dynamic, with different applications and quality of service in each part of the backhaul network. Tellabs Insight Analtytics Services enables operators to identify exactly where their network problems are, what is causing them and what to do about them.
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