Testing a Windows Vista Shell

I haven’t lost love over the Mac OS X alternative shell, which I posted about here, but it would be interesting to preview how Windows Vista would supposedly behave on the desktop. So, taking heed from this post, I went ahead and downloaded in its 26.68MB glory, Vista Inspirat [screenshots included on link].

Installation is quite easy, but on an Athlon XP machine, there was a noticable, but tolerable, sluggishness. Browsing files in the native file explorer will look different from the familiar Windows XP orientation, but it is very eye-refreshing. Internet Explorer, on the other hand, seemed like a Mozilla browser, with a washed-out theme. Also, the Firefox default font on launch is Times New Roman awful.

The included icons would be an improvement from what is seen on XP, but right after switching from the OS X shell I was using a few minutes before testing, I can’t help but notice how the clean, sterile look from is also being projected here. Nothing surprising there, though.

Besides that, it is what it is, just another alternative Windows XP shell. Give me a few days, and I’m sure I’ll be going back to that pretty OS X look.

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  • i also tried this out yesterday and i also didn’t like it..especially the color schemes..there’s not much you can do to customize it..you only have 2 options with 2 variants each..i immediately uninstalled it and went back to using StyleXP and my Panther OS theme. 😀