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Testing Google Talk/It’s Official, and its OUT

Its been hogging the digg website, this Google Talk. Once there were instructions on how to use and set it up, I downloaded Gaim (for Windows), and tested the still ‘unofficial’ instant messenger service from Google.

Here are the instructions to get yourself connected.

NOTE: Set your server to ‘gmail.com‘ (without the quotes), and set the Connect server to ‘talk.google.com‘ (without the quotes).

I’ve also tested Google Talk successfully on another Jabber client, Exodus, which is half of the size of gaim (less than 3MB). The hitch is, you need to have friends/buddies geeky enough to chat with.

UPDATE: It’s official. With an internal email alert system, very light system resources use, and at only 900kb, this is definitely a prime IM contender.

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  • I was contemplating about the rumors here last night in my blog, then when I woke up this morning,half the world is already using it. hehehe…

    >See a complete review with screen shots here.

  • Ironically, a quick search in Google does not show it. 😀

  • I downloaded the Windows client. I couldn’t seem to log on via the Jabber protocol on GAIM…

  • Guess they’re listening to what the analysts are saying: diversify, diversify, diversify!

    Sarap siguro magtrabaho sa Googleplex…

  • darksparrow

    can anyone invite me so i could have gmail account? please..

  • darksparrow,

    viral viral viral! In the past hour, I’ve received three invitations to join Google Talk.

    But I’m not at my laptop now…. bummer.

    excited to try it. But hope the hype’s not just a hype …

    ka edong

  • darksparrow

    wala pa po ako email sa google, pano po magkaroon?

  • st.ellar

    darksparrow, whats your email add? ill send you an invite.

    Wow. I wonder if Google will come up with a free Office solution too.:D

  • clair, consider the notes on my post. I just connected to Gaim for Windows again now, and still got connected (since I’m assuming you’re not using Windows to test it, so I’m not really sure if it works).


    Marc, e kung FREE gourmet meals ka naman parati sa Googleplex e, di ba papalakpak pwet mo nun? 🙂

  • seems like in my company, jabber protocol is disabled from the firewall. any news of tweaks for http-tunneling?

  • @st.ellar:
    A free OS from Google will rock MS. Send an invite my way too. Please.

  • Still looking for Gmail invites? You no longer need an invite to open a Gmail account. Just go to:



    ka edong

  • just downloaded and installed Gaim and followed the instructions on how to use Google Talk..it works! thanks for the info. 🙂

  • st.ellar

    nice link Ka Edong. no need for gmail invites now guys.

    yeah, something like Google Office will rock MS big time.

  • minor

    at last im using gmail, ei add me up [email protected], OS GOOGLE – not bad.. i want to witness the end of MS..

  • got it. if you’re inside a firewall and you are using Gaim, follow instructions from google but make the port 80 instead of 5222.

  • I have a hunch that Google is developing an OS of some sort… or at least I wouldn’t surprise me. If any of you remember, when .NET was being introduced, MS was talking about a future when everything was online, including OSes.

    It’s just a matter of time. If Google doesn’t for some reason go bankrupt in the next several years, it really is only a matter of time til GoogleOS. 😛

  • bit: It’s what I suppose every Google fanboy wants. A Microsoft-free environment, and everything’s run on free Google apps. Read somewhere that the best implemnetation for it is via a live cd that will boot your system, lets you run the necessary computer apps, and gives you a seamless web interface.

    Thing is, if that’s what Google aspires to, how will they make money? Ads on everything?

    I’m ok with what Google is doing, but I hope they don’t overdo it. As much as I want to bash Microsoft. I’ll still give them merit and recognition for a lot of things.

  • I’m not saying that a GoogleOS would be a good thing. I’m just saying that with the way Google is slowly invading web technologies, it’s inevitable as long as Google retains it’s state of power.

    And Google does have two avenues for profit: ads AND services (obviously not the free kind).

  • add niyo naman po me sa Google Talk, [email protected]

  • Bryan Parker

    if ever merong mga tinatamad pumunta sa mga links ng gmail…meron pa kong 98 invites…post nyo lang email add nyo invite ko kayo

  • Ian

    How can i solve “could not authenticate server? Whenever i signed in…my username and password are correct, but it wont go through. help. thanks

  • Nelson

    Hi Bryan!

    can i have one of those invites at gmail? my email add is [email protected]

    thanks a lot.

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