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Testing Mozcom’s PayEasy Payment Gateway

Mozcom Pay EasyJust got the chance to use Mozcom’s PayEasy system today and thought it would be good to follow-up on my entry on Philippine Online Payment Services last year. So, why did this one got a quick nod from me?

For starters, their website works just fine on Firefox, unlike most other local payment gateways and internet banking sites.

Second, they seem to have the widest coverage so far which includes all Megalink and Bancnet ATM Debit Cards, AMEX/Visa/Mastercard/Discover/JCB, Smart Money and Globe G-Cash, UCPB’s 1Time and (guess what?) Paypal. You can also opt to fund your account offline via bank deposits or Western Union.

Third, transactions are quick and easy. Looks like integration was thought-out thoroughly though there are some rough spots with the other systems it was fairly manageable. I was able to complete two payments in less than 5 minutes which includes the registration.

They have two payment options built into one — the credit card plus Paypal option (PayEasy Direct) allows direct payment and the debit option (PayEasy Wallet) which requires you to fund or top-up your account first before you can use it for payment though they limited it to several countries (for fraud protection?).

There are no additional charges for the consumer except for incidental ones like text messaaging rates for mobile funding. Overall, the system works almost seemlessly and the wider coverage is a good bonus to attract more merchants.

PayEasy is currently a consumer-to-merchant payment system but if ever they open consumer-to-consumer transactions, it should be really useful and convenient for smaller players or individuals doing online transactions.

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  • For starters, their website works just fine on Firefox, unlike most other local payment gateways and internet banking sites.

    ROTFLMAO. Local banks are clueless.

  • andrew

    Think again. Payeasy’s experiencing problems the past few days.

    • JG

      Every time our client buy using credit card, we always received this “Rejected due to fraud error”, 100% errors on service and a customer care that is soooo lazy to answer our queries and problems . Payeasy DO NOT GIVE good service! won’t recommend it!

  • sigh its a good idea, i’d really want to use it for my online business if everything works, its like an all in one, though i think they use paypal for credit card transactions meaning no PH credit cards? who do they use for local cc’s?

  • andrew

    @Andre: Their system is a joke. You can’t use your credit card until you’ve sent them a fax to prove that you own it.

  • they can accept paypal funds but they cant re-fund paypal account thru their said service.. almost there i think..

  • There is a one time pay of 10,000.00 pesos plus 5000.00 monthly i think.

    For alternative solution, paychest.com is ready to launch their service on December 20, 2006

  • What is this I’ve been reading, that paychest is a scam?

  • chelle

    hello! i’ve been looking for reviews of both mozcom and metrodeal and i found this blog..and i quote, “PayEasy is currently a consumer-to-merchant payment system”. does this mean that they have no obligations whatsoever if the consumer is charged more than what is supposed to be charged on the billing statement? i hope someone can shed a light on this one..thanks!

  • Napstyr

    Can you give the link of its testing site? Are they using efficient way of integrating in the site? So many question About that! Thanks in advance..