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Testing the Chikka Web Version

Introducting, the all new Chikka. They now have a web-based interface where you could send free text and chat to Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk, AIM and ICQ buddies aside from your Chikka buddies.

I just made a test where I sent an SMS to my mobile number. I immediately got the usual Chikka text if I want to block it or not. I also received the SMS instantly to my mobile number.

Chikka made the right move to make a web application. Also, you could save some space and memory usage since you would only need to use your browser.

If you still prefer to use the desktop version, you may download the Chikka messenger (available only for Windows OS).

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  • zhard

    just too bad that it will only allow you to send few messages

    • umh, ithink ckhikka msger is the sites, but my damn laptop cant much connect, maybe f they cn do more chikka have directly having a web? like y.messenger i its possible thought..


  • zoegod

    actually u can send many sms messages to the same number.
    what you have to do after the 3 sms message sent is to delete the number. when its deleted, you can then enter the same number which is treated as a new entry to ur contacts. walla a fresh 3 FREE sms message.

    it would be great if theres a chikka installer for 3G mobile phones so we can send free sms via internet using 3G which would be cheaper if you can send 5 or more message within 15 mins

    • amh, its chikkamsg cn be installed on phone? how?

      pls.. email me.. tnx..

  • nothing

  • marlon

    wat happend? chikka prompted me no enough load for smart provider???? pls help…

  • test

  • Yay!! i dont have to buy credits for my fone just to text my friends when im at home!!! big savings!!! and its unlimtted… text to all networks as well. thanks. mwah!!