The ASUS Transformer Book Trio is not your ordinary laptop/tablet hybrid

Recently over at Computex 2013 in Taiwan, ASUS unveiled a different kind of laptop/tablet hybrid system. The ASUS Transformer Book Trio at first glance looks like your typical laptop with a detachable display for tablet use. Well it’s more than that. This device is a hybrid that runs on dual OS and a dual system.


The tablet portion of the Transformer Book Trio has a Full HD 11.6-inch display that runs on Android Jelly Bean OS with a 2GHz Intel Atom Z2580 powering it along with a 64GB internal storage. That’s an impressive Android tablet by itself.

However, once docked to the keyboard it transforms itself to a Windows 8 system with another processor of its own. In laptop mode, the Transformer Book Trio is powered by a 4th generation Intel Core i7-4500U processor to go with 1TB of disk space, while the tablet’s own storage will show up as a separate drive inside Windows. You can still switch to Android even in this mode by toggling a hotkey.

Now if the screen size is too small for your needs, you can definitely hook up the keyboard to an external monitor to get some decent work done.

No price has been disclosed yet for the Transformer Book Trio but the ASUS is planning to launch it this Q3.

So what do you think of such hybrid system/laptop?

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