The Belkin Mini Surge Protector with USB Charger

With all the USB-powered gadgets I own, I’ve been looking for a power strip with USB ports for a long time now. I didn’t know that Belkin already had one in the form of a surge protector which makes it much better. I remembered using an imitation USB adapter which suddenly got fried one day. Good thing the cable and the gadget attached to it were not harmed. Now I only have one USB adapter that I interchange to charge our smartphones, iPod Touch and iPads.

width="500"The Belkin Mini Surge Protector with dual USB ports is perfect for a room with limited outlets, like our room or a hotel’s room when traveling. It has three laptop-friendly sockets and two USB ports that would really come in handy these days. It also has a 3-pronged rotating plug with a 4-way locking position so you can arrange it in such a way that it won’t block other sockets from your wall.

Looks good? Do keep in mind though that the USB ports can only output 5 volts which is not sufficient to charge the iPad and other bigger devices (check your device power rating). I would still need my 10v USB adapter for my iPad. I also read that you can’t use the two USB ports at the same time which is kinda bad but at least I can leave my iPod cable on one and a microUSB cable on the other one. Better test it out first if you can. Then there’s the issue of the socket spacing which is problematic for blockier chargers.

Still I think this would be a nice companion for traveling and the surge protection feature is invaluable especially if you’ve used up all sockets in your home surge protector.


You can get this Belkin Mini Surge Protector with USB Charger at selected branches of Silicon Valley, Office1, Automatic Centre, Office Warehouse and Villman for Php1,190. You’ll get a lifetime warranty for this one too.

I hope there’s one available at the Microwarehouse Sale this weekend.

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  • Glenn

    I own one of these and want to clarify a few things:

    1) Yes, the two USB ports work at the same time. I’m curious why you would think they wouldn’t else they would have not put two.
    2) Yes, you can charge an iPad but it would be a very slow trickly. Left overnight with the screen off, this would full charge one.
    3) You might either want to buy and adapter or remove the ground prong since some rooms only have the basic two-prong socket available.

    Not ideal for weekly coffee shop visits due to its bulk but I definitely recommend it for vacationing and out of town trips.

    • hi glenn, thanks for confirming. I just read numerous reviews from Amazon that people are having problem charging two iphones/ipod at once. thanks for sharing these by the way.

  • razorous

    Great! I want this! Is it possible that the unit pinoytechblog bought had a defect? I wish i could test both USB at the same time before i purchase..

  • cathee

    i bought one last march at cebu gaisano interpace.. My sis and i charge our ipods together using this.. Ü