The cable police are coming

For two days in a row, technicians from Sky and Home cable (both subsidiaries of Benpres Holdings) have been doing their rounds in our village in Diliman, Quezon City, making audits on the residential connections. They say they’re doing this in line with the Quezon City Government’s crackdown on illegal connections. I’m pretty sure they’re doing this in other areas also.

So make sure you have your receipts or billing statements ready. My line actually got disconnected as the folks at home were initially unable to produce a copy of the statement because these were all at the office. But the line was re-connected (with profuse apologies from Sky’s engineering personnel present) when I called to have their people verify my account details with the main office.

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  • thats old news..

    how bout they come up with a prize for bounty hunters, you know, for those neighbors i dnt like much..

    wrencelot – devilish

  • How about Destiny Cable? It’s allegedly cable pirates who are are sucking out the Belltel iCable signal in our area.

  • yup, really thats old news..

  • There is nothing devilish with your idea wrencelot. I believe that actually is a fair idea and probably will work.

    Though, I have a better suggestion. Impose a reclusion perpetua or death to those stupid funk!

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