The coconet: Pinoy tech at the grassroots

Got the message below via email, to check out the World Challenge, where the Philippine “coconet” project is a finalist.  Now that’s a great application of technology at the grassroots level.  This is one thing I consider when I speak of technology being helpful in a knowledge-based economy.  IMHO, Online sharing of interesting ways to do things better would inevitably lead to other people’s adoption and even possible improvement–which in the end helps out in making life easier.

Guess which project I voted for.

Did you know that the Philippines’ coconut geotextile (a.k.a. coconet) for soil erosion control has been chosen as one of the 12 finalists in Newsweek and BBC’s (British Broadcasting Corporation) World’s World Challenge?

The World Challenge is basically a competition/search designed at identifying groups or individuals all over the world whose projects have contributed great impact at grass roots level.

A documentary about Philippine Coconut geotextile or coconet industry will be shown on the BBC World cable channel on September 24 around 8:30 GMT and will also be featured in the August 29 special issue of Newsweek.

“œThe World Challenge” already offers a tremendous exposure and publicity to our flourishing Philippine coconut geotextile industry and to our Philippine coconut fiber exporters. But it would be great liberation for our country, which has been getting very bad publicity nowadays, to win this prestigious competition.

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  • Wow! Goodluck to our Coconet cobabayans!

    Will watch out for that feature on BBC.

    There is the Philrice project where a fellow-blogger (Iandexter is involved. Technology for the farmer iyon. Check out The Pinoy Farmer’s Internet:

    I wonder kung nagagamit nga ba ng farmer iyon…

    ka edong

  • I also got an email with a link to that 🙂

  • @ka edong:

    Thanks for the plug! For now, we’re concentrating on agriculture extension workers, since they’re the ones on the field anyway.

    What farmers can use right now is our Farmers’ txtSupport — our own version of an SMS-based contact center where farmers can “text” their queries and receive advise and tips from our experts. 🙂

  • The inventor of coconet will be featured on Ces Drilon’s show ” Pipol” .

  • cham_pinoy_me!!

    WOOHOOO !!!

    galing ng pinoy!!! … magvote n po me at sana manalo kau … manalo tau !!!

    oo nga pla, nagpost n ako s bulletin s friendster n magvote !!!

    WOOHOOO !!! we rock!!

  • tony

    the philippine entry-coconets won the grand prize.
    iba talaga ang pinoy.

  • coconet will present great business opportunities to many filipinos. here is a chance to improve the lives of many filipinos depending on coconut for their livelihood. congratulations to dr. almeda of coconet! great technology for the filipino masses!

  • i stand corrected. i mean agricultural engr. justino arboleda.