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The Core 2 Duo MacBook Is Out!

If you’re planning to buy a Macbook soon, don’t! The Core 2 Duo MacBook versions have just been announced by Apple (yes, it’s official!). And like with the MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo updates, the prices are same with the original Core Duo prices.

With prices starting at just $1,099, the new MacBook lineup includes three models: sleek white 1.83 GHz and 2.0 GHz MacBook models, and a stunning black 2.0 GHz MacBook model. With Intel’s latest Core 2 Duo processors, the new MacBook is up to 25 percent faster than the previous MacBook and up to six times faster than the iBook(R), making it even easier for consumers to manage and enjoy their digital content with iLife “˜06.* Consumers will also benefit from the added power in the new 2.0 GHz models, including double the memory and greater storage capacity than the previous generation, as well as a double-layer SuperDrive(TM) for burning professional-quality DVDs.

With the second-generation MacBooks coming out, I hope these will be rid of the problems of the original MacBook, namely the well-publicized fading/peeling finish and the Random Shutdown Syndrom (RSS).

If you just bought a MacBook recently, you’re probably hitting yourself in the head right now.

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