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The Divoom Divo speakers will try to be the talk of your party

When I got the Divoom Divo speakers to review, the first thing that went to my mind was “Wow, I need to get a hair piece for it”.

Divoom Divo

Believe it or not, the Divoom Divo is a 2.1 speaker but how can you emulate 2.1 channel on a single piece of speaker? I don’t know but this ones works for sure. To try it out, I brought it along with me to a small team-building session along with its power cable and 3.5mm audio cable which should be compatible with your mp3 players, media players, mobile phones or laptops.

Divoom Divo Divoom Divo

When I whipped it out from my bag and placed it on a side table, people who saw it went “Cool, or That looks awesome… and What is that thing?” (In our native language of course). The Divo is very easy to set up. There are only two ports at the back, one for the power outlet and another one to your music device. I plugged my iPod and switched on the power button.

At first, there was no sound coming out. Maybe the volume was too low. I looked around for the volume panel but all I can see was the power button. Props to me for not reading the manual and I’m sure there was no remote control for it in the box.

Divoom Divo

Where’s the volume? Then I noticed the ears on the Divo. There’s a print on one side for Volume + and a Volume – on the other side. I started rubbing one side and through enough, we got sound! I later found out that the sides were actually capacitive touch panels to control the volume. Friends were amused and tried their hands on rubbing Divo like they’re expecting a genie to come out of it.

So how was the sound? It was surprisingly loud enough for a big outdoor gazebo with ambient noise and conversations going on left and right. It’s loud enough without sounding clanky nor scattered. It actually sounds crisp and clear despite putting it in maximum volume. Even the bass sounded solid. Must be from the powerful 4″ (100mm) long-throw subwoofer that is built-in. I was impressed. Didn’t expect that power and clarity coming from a small 2.1 speakers.

Divoom Divo

I don’t have any complaints with Divo… well except for the wires. A wireless Divo with rechargeable batteries would look more smashing. I hope it comes with a wig or a toupee so that it will look inconspicuous in the corner of your room while people are wondering where your sounds are coming from.

Divo also comes in Red, Lime Green and White to complement your taste and is available in Apple reseller stores for Php2,900.

Divoom Divo Specifications:

  • Output: 20 w
  • Dimension:166L x 139D x 215H (mm)
  • Driver: 2 x 1.5 high excursion    satellites,4″ high excursion    subwoofer
  • Total RMS Power: 5 Watts RMS
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz-   20KHz
  • Signal-to-noise Ratio: >80d
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