The Generosity of Social Media

Doc Searls: Flickr isn’t a silo. Their closed and proprietary stuff doesn’t extend, nor is it used, to lock up customer or user data. It’s wide open. Free-range. Most of all, however, it is a “good citizen”. It is generous where it counts. Nurturing…People love Flickr because Flickr loves people. The good guys finish first. In this case, anyway.

The reason Filipino organizations are so slow to adopt social media, is the silo-creating factionalism bred by our islander roots.

The reason young Filipinos are so quick to adopt social media, is the bayanihan (community collaboration) ethic bred by our islander roots.

The markets of the future will be on social media, and Filipino organizations need to learn how to behave on it. Three IT cons this April might help.

(Via Hugh Macleod.)

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