The GorillaPod

Camera trigger-happy Filipinos out vacationing in the boondocks would love to have something like this in their camera bag. The GorillaPod from JOBY looks something right out of a sci-fi flick but I can see how Filipinos will benefit from this hybrid camera tripod.

Via Cool Hunting.

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  • this is awesome

    although i wished it was in silver to match most cameras’ colors.

    but then it wouldnt be called Gorillapod

  • A mini version for camera phones would be good.

  • Nifty idea, but I won’t attach my 350D to it, so I’ll pass 🙂

  • mparaz,

    you wouldnt want to be carrying that around would u, even a mini version of it would still be too large for mobile phone users

    unless you are a girl who carries around a purse full of whatnots

  • Rain, 350D pala ha….remind me to call you up for our much needed individual PTB portraits when you get back 🙂

  • banksxs wrote:
    > but then it wouldnt be called Gorillapod

    Maybe it could then be called a Silverback GorillaPod, haha!

    Pero astig yung tripod, I’m guessing flexible siya? Cool idea. Doesn’t look safe though, hehe.

  • Pretty nifty idea but it doesn’t look very sturdy up there does it! You’d get some cool shots though if you risked attaching your expensive camera to it :S

  • djegz

    where can we buy it locally?? and how much???
    i think this is a great gadjet for outdoor techies 🙂

  • Lilly,

    Actually they also made an SLR Version and an SLR-Zoom wersion which are slightly larger versions of the original one and can handle up to 3lbs. in camera weight. . .Im getting one soon its just soo cool. .

  • It comes with 3 sizes.

    Digital Walker, Infomaxx, 5th Avenue, Studioworks, some Powermac Branches and more carry this product.

  • btw, visit there’s a listing where you can find Gorillapod 🙂