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The GP2x: A Too-Good-To-Be-True Linux-Powered Handheld

To sum it up:

It can play games. It can play your Movies. It can play your music. It can view photos. It can read Ebooks. It runs on just 2 AA batteries – And it can do all this in the palm of your hand or on your TV screen.

Yes that’s right, this handheld can connect to the TV, console style. Watch your DivX movies on the TV. Play emulated classics on the TV. Try big screen Quake. Or just play them all on the GP2X’s large 320*240 backlit screen. You get the best of both worlds.

It runs the free Linux operating system. This means a whole world of Games, Utilities and Emulators are at your disposal. Quake, Doom, SNES, Megadrive, MAME, Media players and Applications to name just a few.

It’s powerful – Two 200mhz CPU’s with 64meg of RAM, custom graphics hardware and decoding chips. Takes SD cards and has 64M of NAND memory. Plenty to play with. One of the most powerful and advanced handhelds today.

That means it can play movies without any re-encoding. Just put them onto an SD card. Any size. Any resolution. No messing about. The GP2X scaling chip will resize to fit the screen. No other handheld can do that.

It’s cheap. Just £124.99 (source; via Boing Boing)

That’s roughly 8,500 pesos. IMHO, this really looks like a sweet, sweet deal. First batch of units will be available on October, so interested buyers can only pre-order for now.

However, shipping to the Philippines seem to be unsupported, so contact your relatives abroad quick, since they did emphasize they only have limited stocks to give out.

Wipe the drool off your face, FOSS advocates!

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  • Should I get a Nano or this?

  • Mukhang mas malupit to pre e. Pampapogi lang naman ang mga iPod e. Hehehehe.

  • malupet eto ah! 8500 pesos? Bakit ang mura yata, pero ang daming features… hehe as if my pera ako para bumili… hehehe

  • IPOD??. The nano is ok. Pero opt for other MP3 players for practicality. I agree with “raincontreras”

  • wait, it’s in British Pounds… so that’s

    $225.52 (12,702.4 pesos) which is still a steal for a player with the said capabilities. Let the emulation begin.

  • AnP


  • slick! this would compete with the zaurus sans the connectivity options.

  • daydreaming: running a mini webserver on that player. does it have wifi?

  • correction: based sa site nila, it’s only $189 for outside the UK purchases.

  • kim, ewan ko kung may wi-fi. Pero anything that plays ogg files make me smile!

  • new dedicated website for the GP2X at http://www.gp2xuser.com

  • My website myGP2X (www.mygp2x.com) has lots of info on the GP2S including a 5,000 word FAQ. As someone with a GP2X pre-ordered, I’m really looking forward to taking one of the first deliveries here in the UK where myGP2X is based. Hope you like the site.

  • Markkreuzz

    Hello, I have been eyeing one of these for a certain time… Unfortunately for me there are still no local vendor here in the Phils. or i just can’t find one… and also i don’t have any Credit card acct. for purchase…

    For those of you who want it, you can go to “http://www.play-asia.com” they can ship it to the philippines, it is based in Hongkong… i think…

    —- As a word of caution, these things are for those super techie persons or for those who have good understanding and appreciation of technology through open source sharing… this is not for the impatient just-plug-it-and-play i-podish K.I.S.S. person… it’s just has so much hype but when it really comes down to it, it takes knowledge, time, patience and appreciation to fully bring out the full goody potential of this Toy.

    @kim: “daydreaming: running a mini webserver on that player. does it have wifi? ”

    —unfortunately it has no wi-fi or ethernet connection, so no webserver for you… it sucks too much battery i think so that wi- fi was scrapped.

    @Kates: “Should I get a Nano or this?”

    —ehehehe… size wize NaNow is smaller. for a music player this is the way to go or something cheaper…

    This GP2X is a gaming form factor…. movies, TV-out, FLAC, Music player is Just secondary… if you can live with the size and battery life. by all means…

    ——You can also check the release of XGP “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XGP” this one is from the mother company (long story),… supposed to have 3d accel. and wi-fi… unfortunately this one is closed source, so no homebrew fun here…..

  • warfab

    Meron nang Value-Pack ang Play-Asia!
    Check out http://www.play-asia.com/SOap-23-83-1u5h-71-d1-49-en-15-GP2X-84-j-70-1rsb.html

    Box contents

    * GP2X Game System
    * USB Cable
    * CD-Rom
    * Headphones
    * Rechargable Battries (4pcs, AA size)
    * 5 Games Included (1 Demo, 4 Full Games)
    * Hand Strap
    * Protection Pouch

    Sayang, walay Value Pack when I got my GP2X last November šŸ™