The Invisible Shield for your gadgets

Just got the package at the post office this afternoon — the Invisible Shield from ShieldZone. Since the package had to be inspected first at the Customs, the people there were a little puzzled with it since there isn’t much to see but a tiny plastic and a vial of liquid. They were asking questions what it was for and I dutifully explained it was an iPod accessory though I think they’re still a little curious with the liquid stuff (okay, we’re not on an airplane).

The Invisible Shield

The invisibleShield is a think transparent film that protects any electornic devices or gadgets from scratches and dings, which complements with your gadget’s case. It was originally developed for the military to protect helicopter rotor blades from wear and tear. This same tough film has now been commercialized for a lot of electronic devices.

Without much funfare I read the manuals and tried the sample with my Canon Rebel XT. A quick peel, some spray, a little adjustment and wiping finished it off. At first, I got it wrong and layed it horizontally against my camera’s lens, partly covering some of the buttons, but I was able to easily peel it off again, re-applied the liquid spray and layed it back just perfectly. *whew*

Right after I got my dSLR, people were advising me to get a plastic protector for the LCD screen to avoid it from being scratched and the one I used was the plastic that came along with my iPod (though it was a failure). This new one sealed the deal real well.

I haven’t seen the invisibleShield being sold locally but they could be little pricey for some people. The one for the iPod costs about $25 each but considering you get lifetime warranty for it, I think it’s a good investment.

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  • Strange that they don’t have it for Nokias.

  • nico

    are ipods cheaper in the Pilippines than in the US? if so how much do they cost?thx

  • Best designed and pre cut invisible shield films for electronics devices are available at Shield Zone……!

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  • flor

    i am looking where to buy this product.. do you have any suggestion? it would be much appreciated!
    please email me…


  • billie jeanne abenes

    How much is it for sony ericsson xperia x10? Thanks

  • billie jeanne abenes

    How much is it for sony ericsson xperia x10? Thanks..