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The iPhone is Out! And it’s NOT from Apple.

MacHeads got excited with Gizmodo’s post a few days back that the iPhone was soon to be released. Brian Lam “guaranteed” that the iPhone will be announced in a few days, and that it wasn’t what he expected. True enough, the iPhone was announced, but it is not from Apple. The iPhone trademark has actually been held by Cisco for some time, and Linksys (a subsidiary of Cisco) is marketing it as a VoIP phone that can do Skype and other VoIP standards.


It’s not what any of us expected. The iPhone is a voip phone made by Linksys. Cisco, their parent company, has owned that trademark since 1996. And they’re announcing their product in a few hours.

P.S. Macheads–including those from Macrumors, Think Secret, TUAW, and Cult of Mac–know Apple likes to release gear on Tuesdays. So they didn’t expect an Apple iPhone Monday. If you did read into my original post and feel like I misled you, sincere apologies for the discomfort.

I’m betting that if Apple ever gets to market a mobile phone, they’re calling it MacPhone and MacPhone Pro. Hah!

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  • If the Apple is secretly developing Mac OS Mobile, sure call it MacPhone!

  • Sherwin

    good that voip phones are starting to come out. been testing this unit way back for our voip service. too bad our nokia e61 still doesn’t work with our softswitch darn! have to dry run this linksys in the field using real life wifi access points in the likes of airborne or wiz.

  • tecbarrera

    There are a couple of phones like this coming out. There’s a wifi provider in Cebu that has several on offer. I think the company’s called Dominion. They’ve got the entire Cebu area wifi ready! I’ve tested one of their phones myself! Even has a video conference feature! Generic brand though, so it might be a while before they go mainstream…

  • “If the Apple is secretly developing Mac OS Mobile, sure call it MacPhone!”

    Migs, looks like it’s now called the iPhone. And it runs OS X!

  • I’ve read in a news article that Cisco sued Apple for the iPhone trademark. I am not so sure if it’s true.