The iPod Video and Adult Content

Just thinking out loud.

The newly released iPod Video will welcome a new era for portable adult content. Would you buy/download an episode of Lost or Desperate Housewives for $1.99 per episode if you can watch it over cable or download it “free” on TorrentSpy at HDTV quality? Maybe. I guess most of you won’t.

But how about adult content? Oh yeah, you can still get most of them for free but with iPod Video just around the corner, you can have 60 gigabytes of video and images inside your pocket. And boy, this is a billion-dollar a year market and going strong.

Peter Rojas of Engadget has a great insight of Apple’s secret plan for the iPod Video:

All of a sudden you’ll be able to look at:


and know that not only will the file play on your iPod, but that it’s been optimized to do so. Suddenly, the lack of DivX support isn’t so important. In fact, by excluding DivX Apple might have given the torrent community the direction it needs to truly make iPod torrents consumer friendly.

What Peter Rojas might have missed, and this is again an unlikely sick twist, is that enterprising people in the porn industry could be wagging their tails for yet another novel idea to push their “content” to the growing market.

Just wait and see.

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  • Hahahaha… from a purely commercial standpoint, it’s an promising concept, but given the ready availability of pr0n on the current crop of mobile devices (to those who can transfer files to their mobile phones, at least) and the distribution channels involved therein (lots of ways to do the dirty deed, like downsampling large video and swapping files via wireless OBEX), it doesn’t seem likely that people will pay if they can help it. It’d be a crackup if Apple actually goes through with something like this: ,though. *laughs*

  • Shawn

    It’s a very interesting idea, but given the explosion in iPod torrent website like and others I don’t think it will be necessary anymore to provide “optimized” content. People are satisfied as long as the quality (what they see) is good.

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