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The Joy of Playing PC Games ala Playstation

Here is the scenario, you are both a PC game addict and a Playstation addict (be it PS or PS2). You are feeling restrained because you have to memorize all the keyboard commands and so, you start to neglect your PC games and play PS instead. There is actually a gadget from Sewell Direct that would allow you to connect your PS controllers to your PC and play your PC games as if you’re playing Playstation. It is dubbed as Super Joy Box 3 Pro PS/PS2 Controller Adapter for Windows.

Super Joy Box Pro

This cool gaming gadget will allow you to connect up to 3 PS/PS2 controllers (whether it is a gamepad, joystick, racing wheel or a dance mat) to your rig. And when you start to play, expect to feel the vibration coming from your game pad. So, everytime you play a racing game, just be careful not to hit anything for you might get distracted. 🙂

  • Converts any PS/PS2 game controller for use on PC
  • Compatible with PS/PS2 joystick, racing wheel anc dance mat
  • Supports Real Vibration (Rumble/Force Feedback)
  • Re-maps all buttons as needed
  • Pressure sensitive button funcion for PS2 controller
  • Compatible with Windows XP/2000/ME/9X
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  • $12? Bet there’s one from a China OEM for… $4?

  • I think so migz 😀

  • P70-P120 in quiapo 😉

  • ayan migz meron pala sa quiapo eh :p

  • Because chicks dig left thumb calluses.

  • roland

    I have one pero for xbox controllers naman… used it for PC games and it’s cool…

  • Jon

    Hi guys! Where can i buy this in quiapo or in manila?? Do you guys know where else they sell ps2 controller usb converters? thank you! Magpapasko na eh!