Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 millennial entertainment guide on the road ver 2.0
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The millennial entertainment guide on the road ver 2.0

The millennial in the city probably spends more time on the road than anywhere else.

Traffic happens not just during rush hour, but the whole day. Especially for millennials who prefer to be occupied when bored, it’s important to keep oneself busy.

Here are a few things to do when stuck in traffic:

Get that movie subscription now

If one has to spend time in traffic for hours, what better thing to do than binge watch a series or a movie?

It could be an all-time favorite or the latest and greatest. As long as it’s playing, traffic would subside before anyone could notice, anyway. Stock up that media library and get that video-on-demand subscription now.

Discover new jams

Everyone knows there’s no better friend than music. Try branching out from mainstream bops to underrated indie jams. For long rides, there’s nothing better than an extensive playlist.

Start a war…in mobile legends

It’s about time to channel all the traffic-induced aggression elsewhere. Viral smartphone games come and go, but right now, it seems like Mobile Legends continues to conquer. Play with Facebook friends, join the ranks, and destroy the enemy camp.

Shop (online!) til your wallet drops

Nothing beats the rush one gets from shopping. Catch up on the latest trends and add them to your virtual shopping cart, if not wishlist. That pair of great kicks could finally have gone on sale – better not miss it!

Scroll through Instagram for travel ideas

Millennials enjoy looking for travel inspirations to get their mind off the metro hustle. Not only does travel enrich lives, it betters Instagram feeds. Check out Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr for up-and-coming destinations, book that charming Airbnb place, and enjoy.

Of course, it’d be difficult to do all these on the phone. In a moving vehicle, the big screen is a friend. The Galaxy Tab S3’s 9.7 inch Super AMOLED display supports media in 10-bit colored High Dynamic Range. Immerse in high-quality videos with accurate color representation. Experience cinematic audio from quad stereo speakers tuned by AKG by Harman. The Galaxy Tab S3 also runs for 12 hours of uninterrupted video playback and supports Fast Charging.

Wait no further – prepare for the next long haul traffic with the Galaxy Tab S3. Visit,com/ph/tabs3 for more details.

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