The NEO Vivid netbook on Smart’s FlexiSurf Plan

Smart offers its range of FlexiSurf Plans that allows its postpaid broadband subscribers to spend as low as P18 a day (on top of monthly service fee) to own a tablet or a laptop and get connected at the same time.

neo vivid smart 1

The NEO Vivid netbook is just one of the gadgets you can avail under the Smart Broadband FlexiSurf Plans. This netbook is available for P22/day on top of your MSF which totals to just P1,140 monthly if you get it with the Power Plug It Plan 499, or P1,240 monthly if you want the Pocket WiFi Plan 599 instead.

NEO Vivid

Anyway, let’s see what you can get with the NEO Vivid package with a little unboxing video. The Vivid line by the way is NEO’s entry-level series aimed at students or those wanting just the basics out of their portable laptop.

Moving onto the device. The NEO Vivid is a 10-inch netbook powered by an Intel Atom N2600, which is a dual-core 1.6GHz processor, along with a 2GB DDR3 RAM. It’s one of the newer netbooks in the market that has Intel’s Hyper-Threading Technology so essentially you’ll get four threads out of it which is good for multitasking.

neo vivid smart 2 neo vivid smart 3

Windows 7 Starter already runs on this machine and you’ll also get 320GB disk space which should be enough to store all your school documents, projects, vacation photos, recent TV series and MP3 collection. It comes with 3x USB ports, HDMI port, a VGA webcam and a 3-cell battery which shouldbe good for around 4-hours worth of computing on a single charge.

It is still a netbook though. Don’t expect it to run Diablo III or do some video editing in Adobe Premiere with it. A netbook’s primary purpose is for portable internet surfing, composing e-mails, word processing, and a little bit of casual gaming and video-watching on the go.

neo vivid smart 4

As mentioned earlier, you can bundle this with the Power Plug It (Plan 499) which is a broadband USB stick, or the more flexible Pocket WiFi (Plan 599) which allows you to share your internet connection to up to 5 devices via WiFi.

You may visit Smart’s website to see other devices offered under the FlexiSurf plan, including other notebooks if the NEO Vivid doesn’t fit your needs.

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  • lawrence

    is that an HDMI port on the left side beside the USB port?

    • yup it’s an HDMI port.

      • lawrence

        thanks. now I know I can hook this up to my LED TV which only has an HDMI port. 🙂

  • Griswold

    P22 a day, that’s P660 per month. i would assume this is going to be a 2 year contract right? so that brings the netbook to 15840, by the time ma finish up mo yung contract, the value of it will probably go down to uhmm 7k? pure marketing lang po ito.

    • amerah

      nasa sayo rin yan kng ngayon mo na kailangan. maghihintay ka pa bang umabot ng 7k?

  • Jem

    I strongly recommend this netbook. Very portable and high-end performance

  • eann

    is neo vivid better than the acer ao722??? planning to apply for this plan. with the wifi device.

  • marvi

    is the netbook locked at smart?im confused on it have you tried to use other network internet connection?

    • the dongle is the one locked to smart, not the netbook.

  • Cede

    Hi, I found some discrepancies of the infos in this article and in smart’s site. according to the site, the vivid has 6 Cell Li-ion battery.