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The new Dell Latitude can go for up to 19 hours

Dell recently revealed its newest addition to its Latitude family of commercial laptops after 6 years, the Latitude E series. One of their claims for the E series is its breakthrough battery life (selected models only) that can go for up to 19 hours on a single charge without idling.

We’re quite skeptical about it so Dell’s representative promptly explained the conditions to achieve that 19 hours of battery life.

  • 9-cell battery. Most laptops come with 3 or 6-cell battery but in the mainstream Latitude line, you can opt for a 9-cell one. This battery can give you a full 8-hour out of your laptop.
  • 12-cell high-capacity battery slice. This is the first time I’ve seen such battery configuration. The battery slice is fitted at the base of the laptop like a laptop cooler and can surely give you more staying power.
  • Choose SSD. With the E series, you can opt for up to 64GB of SSD or a 250GB HD and to achieve the 19-hours, you should go for the SSD.
  • Turn off the WiFi radio. 19 hours without going online. At least it would help you finish that Excel report.
  • No hardcore gaming. Although you can do a little bit of serious gaming with its NVIDIA Quadro NVS 160M1 256MB DDR2, it won’t help you get that 19 hours. Stick to Solitaire or Freecell.

The 9-cell battery

The battery slice installed at the base alongside other laptops without it

So that’s how they did it. Frankly, I don’t think people would care going for 19 hours straight if all they can do is twiddle with Office apps. Besides, the 9-cell and the battery slice is quite heavy to lug around.

What’s good about this commercial line is that office personnels can choose from a 12.1″ display up to 15.4″ display. It also comes in different colors if black looks dull for you.


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  • baka naman sobrang bigat nito.

  • LOL. d naman motolite ang battery nyan

  • john

    i bought this and i think this is the best machine i’ve ever got

  • ric

    Just got one of these and like John, I feel like this is the best machine I’ve purchased. Great screen and keyboard. Stays cool enough to use in your lap. It’s snappy and I need not say anything more about it’s battery life.