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The new LG Scarlet is a thing of beauty

LG just recently launched its latest LCD TV, the new Scarlet LH70. If you love the LG Scarlet (LG60) released last year, you’re gonna love the LH70 even more.


The LH70 is now a full HD LCD TV and looks sleeker and slimmer than its older sister with a mere thickness of 1.56 inch (39.7 mm). It’s tuner and components are now located below the screen instead of behind it which makes it more accessible.


The new Scarlet also has support for Bluetooth if you want to project images or videos from your mobile phones, PDA’s, etc. It also has a USB 2.0 port and HD DivX support to play those high resolution video files from external hard disks, memory cards and other USB devices. Three HDMI 1.3 ports are also available if you have multiple HD sources that you want to connect to it.

The LH70 also has a feature that they call Smart Energy Saving Plus. This technology reduces power consumption by controlling the TV’s backlight. It uses LG’s Intelligent Sensor technology that analyzes the light in a room and adjusts the backlight accordingly.

The LG LH70 full HD LCD TV will be available this month in 32-, 42- and 47-inch sizes, starting at P49,990.

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