The Opt iPad 2 Snap-on Cases will complement your Smart Cover

If you have the iPad 2, you may have considered or even bought the Smart Cover for the lack of other choices. Well you also may have known already that the Smart Cover is not just enough. Sure it looks nice with the magnetic clip-on but at the end of the day, you would still leave the back of your iPad 2 prone to scratches.

optOpt will solve your problem with their iPad 2 Snap-on Cases. They don’t want you to ditch your Smart Cover but instead, the case will complement it by providing the back protection your iPad 2 sorely needs. The iPad 2 Snap-on Cases are made of genuine leather and is ultra-thin and lightweight yet very durable.

optIt works wonders with the Apple Smart Cover; with a unique mag-lock feature that allows you to flip the Smart Cover over and keep it firmly attached to the snap-on case. It also comes in four funky designs that I wouldn’t want on my iPad 2. Sorry, I’m more after the sleek and classic look for my case.

It hasn’t made its way into Opt resellers but it’s already here in the country. If you want one, you can order it online for Php2,195 by filling out an order form atĀ Each case already comes with a screen protector by the way.

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  • Messie

    Whoah! That ipad2 turned from zero to gay in 2 seconds!

    no offense intended though. I guess some people will want this design on their ipad. šŸ™‚

    • ivelna

      I prefer the smart cover of Apple…:-)

      • uhhh this won’t replace the smart cover.

  • How i wish i have this kind of ipad cover. Very unique designs and shapes. Are all of these available at anytime?